New Japan Ranbo with Handcuffs set for Wrestle Grand Slam after fan Vote! 【WGS】

Rules determined for KOPW 2021

Toru Yano has had a vise like grip on the KOPW trophies since their inception at Summer Struggle in Jingu one year ago. In his own unique way, Yano is a fighting champion, and allowed his KOPW 2021 status to be put at the most risk yet at Wrestle Grand Slam; in a New Japan Ranbo. In a twist to this pseudo Tokyo Dome tradition, Yano put KOPW stipulations to a fan vote; would it be a Ranbo with handcuffs, or with blindfolds?

Across English and Japanese social media, 15,855 votes were cast over the last week. 

12,100 (76.3%) With Handcuffs

3,755 (23.7%) with Blindfolds

It will indeed be a New Japan Ranbo with Blindfolds. As in any normal New Japan Ranbo, entrants will join the match at a random order in one minute intervals. Elimination can occur by pinfall, submission, disqualification or by being thrown over the top rope. With Handcuffs means, however, that a wrestler can also be eliminated by being handcuffed to the ropes or ringside area, and must remain in place for the remainder of the match. A Toru Yano twist indeed, and it’s all coming on the kickoff to Wrestle Grand Slam Sunday!