Toru Yano taps into a violent side to defeat Chase Owens 【WGS】

 Yano regains KOPW trophy after forcing Owens to quit

After Chase Owens made repeated demands for the ‘Great Bash Heel’ Toru Yano to meet him in their I Quit match in the MetLife Dome, Owens got just that on September 4, as bleached hair and a bad attitude walked to the ring to meet the KOPW 2021 trophy holder.
What ensued was doubtless the most violent KOPW encounter to date, Owens starting as he intended to go on with powder to the eyes and metal sheets to the head. Retrieving a strap from under the ring, Owens bound Yano to the corner post, and caned him with a kendo stick, but Yano refused to give up.
Owens would bridge the ring and guardrail with a ladder and set to work on Yano, looking to drive him through the steel only to be cut off. Owens replied with a V Trigger and wanted the Package Piledriver, but Yano would send his foe to the apron instead, and used a second ladder as a weapon to send Owens through the first.
After setting up two tables outside the ring, Yano went back to Owens, but was hit with another metal sheet. Yano resisted attempts to put him through the wood at ringside, but Owens did the same, and a blocked superplex sent both men tumbling to the floor.
As Yano still wouldn’t quit, Owens removed ringside padding to reveal the hard wood platform. Yano backdropped out of a Package Piledriver but after a Jewel Heist in ring, Owens struck with the move onto the ringside tables.
Stunned and half unconscious, Yano was unable to state that he gave up, prompting Owens to handcuff his challenger with cuffs Yano had brought to the ring at the start of the bout. After splashing water to rouse Yano, he delivered punishing lashes with the strap. Yano did not surrender, instead secretly un-cuffing himself with a key hidden in his wrist tape and surprising Owens.
Yano cuffed Owens’ hands together and delivered an Onikoroshi powerbomb through a third table. After binding Owens to the ropes, Yano advanced on the trophy holder with a pair of scissors; when Owens spat in his challenger’s face, Yano threatened to drive the scissors into Owens’ eye. Faced with the choice of his trophy or his eyesight, Owens gave up.
The KOPW2021 trophy is now back in Toru Yano’s hands, but a very different Toru Yano, as one has to wonder what is next for the trophy and its holder.