Jeff Cobb takes Kazuchika Okada on much anticipated Tour of the Islands 【WGS】

Cobb scores first career win over Kazuchika Okada in spectacular form

In the semi main event of day one at MetLife Dome for Wrestle Grand Slam, Jeff Cobb picked up undeniably the biggest win of his career as he put away Kazuchika Okada on the third attempt. 

Heavy rain outside the MetLife Dome greeted Kazuchika Okada on his entrance, and Okada brought the offense to Cobb with the weather at his side. Attacking the Imperial Unit on the outside of the ring, Okada would jump on Cobb on the floor and mock Cobb’s Aloha pose, but paid for his overconfidence with a huge Cobb belly to belly suplex in the ring. 

Cobb ragdolled Okada in the ring, and although slowed by an Okada flapjack and back elbow, would catch the CHAOS member on a charge into the corner to deliver a huge one armed powerbomb. After surfing on Okada’s battered body out on the floor, Cobb struck his opponent down with a stinging chop in the ring before targeting the lower back with a pitch into the corner. 

Okada would be under the control of Cobb and his punishing offense, but a charge into the corner from Cobb would be stopped and turned into a reverse neckbreaker. A series of DDTs followed, and a dropkick would send Cobb tumbling off the top corner to the floor, but when Cobb was booted outside the ringside guardrail, Okada made a grave error. 

Looking to run and dive over the steel to Cobb, he was instead caught and dropped with a violent suplex onto the concrete floor. As the match passed the 15 minute mark, Cobb scored with the Oklahoma Stampede and a standing moonsault for a pair of nearfalls, but the superhuman Okada stayed in the running. Avoiding the Tour of the Islands, Okada low bridged Cobb to the floor where a DDT connected on the floor. 

Back inside a shotgun dropkick scored big for Okada in the ring, and a pair more dropkicks were followed by a Tombstone and the Money Clip. Yet when Cobb made the ropes, and Okada tried to put the big man away, a reverse Tombstone dropped Okada again on his head. A powerbom out of the corner turned into the Spin Cycle seemed to open the door for Tour of the Islands again, but a John Woo from Okada kept the Rainmaker in the hunt. 

A dropkick, and Tombstone later, Cobb again looked for the Tour, this time in Rainmaker fashion, but would be cut off by Okada, who used a backslide for a  short arm lariat at the 25 minute mark. Another dropkick scored, as did a corkscrew Tombstone, but the Rainmaker did not connect, and Cobb would instead find himself maneuvered onto the top rope. 

Okada and Cobb battled on the top as Okada appeared to look for a super Tombstone piledriver, but Cobb would just free himself. Climbing back up, Cobb landed a top rope Tour of the Islands, and a second from the ground to secure a huge victory.