Homicide Helps Kingston and Moxley to win over Suzuki-Gun 【NJoA】

Kingston and Moxley pick up New York win, rematch challenge issued

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After perceived disrespect from All Elite Wrestling and Jon Moxley in particular on Dynamite as Minoru Suzuki faced the Purveyor of Violence in Cincinnati two weeks ago, Suzuki-Gun moved to face Moxley and Eddie Kingston in New York on AEW Rampage September 24 in a ‘Lights Out’ unsanctioned match.  

As expected, the match started quickly, the Suzuki-Gun jump start seeing them brawl around the ring. Suzuki would engage in a chair duel with Moxley before trading chops with Kingston, who dropped the King with an STO and pulled out a table, only to be booted through the wood by Suzuki. With Archer chokeslamming Moxley onto a pile of ringside attendants, Suzuki-Gun were in full control of the Rampage main event early.

Continuing to control the match, Archer would tape Moxley’s arms behind his back, leaving him wide open for a barrage of strikes and weapon shots. The New York crowd got behind favourite son Kingston as he fought his way back into the match with an enzuigiri to Suzuki and machine gun chops to Archer before an exploder suplex, but the numbers game was too much, Suzuki stunning the Mad King with a choke and serving him up for an Archer Hellacoaster.

Looking for the kill, Archer would set up Kingston for Blackout through two set up chairs, only for fellow New York native an friend of Kingston’s, independent legend Homicide to make the save. Homicide cut Moxley free of his binding, allowing Mox to hit Death Riders to both of his opponents, before putting a trashcan over the head of Archer. 

Kingston would use a kendo stick to cave in the can over Archer’s head with repeated shots before scoring the pinfall to end the match for he and Moxley. Backstage though, Suzuki-Gun were fuming and clearly not finished with their opponents. Demanding a Philadelphia Street Fight when NJPW STRONG hits the 2300 Arena on October 16 & 17, it seems as if this war will escalate to a new level in the original home of hardcore wrestling.