STRONG Preview: Parade of Champions, Autumn Attack 【NJoA】

Stacked card with champions in action Saturday



In what might be the biggest single episode of NJPW STRONG yet, Autumn Attack kicks off this Saturday at 8/7c with an incredible card in a parade of champions. 

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Main event- Champion vs Champion: Jay White vs Robbie Eagles

A first time ever singles main event will see the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Robbie Eagles face the NEVER Openweight Champion Switchblade Jay White. The first of its kind champion vs champion matchup will see Eagles show Texas, the US and the world at large the strength of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ, but it will also be an opportunity for White to act on a long held grudge. It was two years ago that Robbie Eagles turned his back on BULLET CLUB to join his current factional home in CHAOS, actions that White was quick to decry. The Switchblade vowed that consequences would be coming directly to the Sniper of the Skies, and now seeks to prove a violent point.

2nd Match: STRONG Openweight Championship- Tom Lawlor vs Ren Narita 

Singles record: 1-0 Lawlor

Initially made as a special singles match, Tom Lawlor’s successful defence against Lio Rush at Fighting Spirit Unleashed will now open the door for the second STRONG title match in two weeks for the Filthy One. When Narita, fresh off his victory against Fred Rosser a fortnight ago, came out to challenge Lawlor after this Saturday’s main event, Lawlor was derisive in his dismissal of the LA Dojo member. ‘Do some more squats, do some more rolls and then maybe you’ll be worthy of losing to me’ was the response to Narita, who made a succinct counterpoint with a heavy boot to the face. Narita has done nothing but go from strength to strength since he was eliminated by Lawlor in new Japan Cup USA, but can he deal the first pinfall or submission loss to Lawlor in his STRONG career?

1st Match: Fred Rosser vs Minoru Suzuki

The action will kick off with a first time ever singles encounter between Fred Rosser and Minoru Suzuki. It was one year ago that Rosser definitively proved himself as one of STRONG’s top flight when he battled Tom Lawlor in what was voted 2020’s STRONG match of the year. Now, as Suzuki goes on a tour of dominance across the United States, Rosser sees the King attempting to invade his turf on Saturday nights, and will do what it takes to defend the show he has made his own. Can he survive the King?