El Phantasmo gets Glory Bound as Bey Suffers Cradle Shock on IMPACT 【NJoA】

Bey-F-Fs find TV success

El Phantasmo earned his way to an X Division Championship match next week at IMPACT’s Bound For Glory event when he defeated Rohit Raju and Willie Mack in a wild three way match this Thursday. 

ELP was accompanied by BULLET CLUB partners Chris Bey and Hikuleo for the contest, but thought he numbers game would give him reason to be confident, an early charge at Mack at the bell saw him directed over the top rope as Mack set to work on Raju. Phantasmo would come in with a back rake and some underhanded tactics to put Mack to the mat, but the big man surprised ELP with a headscissor takeover. 

Raju would stop Mack from taking control of the match, clearing him from the ring and bringing high speed offense to both men until walking into a pop-up right hand from Mack. ELP would recover to deliver some graceful offense to both of his opponents, getting two from a springboard senton to Mack, but as he went to the top rope, he was cut off by Raju who got two off a double stomp to the biggest man in the match. 

Mack would power up in the face of strikes from both of his foes to squash Raju and ELP in opposite corners before delivering a double Samoan Drop and double moonsault. Mack headed up top to fly onto Raju but only did so as a result of a Phantasmo Frankensteiner onto the third man before Thunder Kiss ’86 connected to Mack for two. 

Phantasmo loaded up the boot at this point, but Mack blocked Sudden Death and hit a Stunner for a visual- but not actual- three count, Bey and Hikuleo drawing the referee away. As the big man took out the BULLET CLUB seconds, Raju almost backdoored his way to victory, but would be hit by a questionable right hand from Phantasmo and then the CRII. 

El Phantasmo will now join Steve Maclin and Trey Miguel in a three way match at Bound For Glory October 23 to crown a new X Division Champion. 

Chris Bey was rather less fortunate in his own match on IMPACT this week, going head to head with Chris Sabin. After securing victory by controversial means over Sabin last week on IMPACT in six man tag team action, this week it was one on one, albeit with ELP and Hikuleo in Bey’s corner as FinJuice accompanied Sabin. 

Bey and Sabin battled for control early, fighting for control of the arm of their opponent with innovative arm drags. When the respective seconds for Bey and Sabin started jawing at ringside, the referee sent all four to the back; Bey was rattled by the decision, and Sabin quickly took advantage with a snap suplex and a basement dropkick in the corner. 

Bey would read a Sabin springboard ahead of time, keeping his opponent trapped in the ropes for a big elbow drop. Flashy offense would keep Sabin grounded even as he tried to buy a quick flash pin, and Bey would land a spectacular flying forearm off the top rope, followed by a hard suplex for two. 

Sabin finally found a major opening by countering Bey’s headscissors attempt with a hard kick to the face and a rolling Fisherman’s Buster for two. Bey wriggled off the hook of Cradle Shock to land a rack swinging neckbreaker, but Sabin blocked Art of the Finesse, and escaped a massive splash from Bey as the Finesser crashed hard to the canvas. 

The two reset to trade heavy strikes, but Sabin would get the upper hand with a leaping enzuigiri. The Cradle Shock followed immediately after, as Bey stood victorious.