Rocky Romero Battles Bryan Danielson on AEW Dynamite 【NJoA】

Rocky and Danielson go hold for hold to kick off Dynamite

November 10’s edition of AEW Dynamite kicked off with Rocky Romero facing an old friend and former training partner in Bryan Danielson.

Danielson trained with Romero as part of the original LA Dojo in 2002, giving a NJPW throwback feel to the bout, and Romero would throw back to his Roppongi Vice past on his entrance, using the RPG Vice theme as he was flanked by Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Kris Statlander, flying the CHAOS flag for the evening as Cassidy seconded Romero for the bout. 

Both men worked for control on their opponent’s wrist early; Danielson scored the first knockdown of the match but was sent to the ropes as Romero fought for an armbar. Romero would back the American Dragon into the corner, and as Danielson looked to build momentum he would be frustrated as he spilled from the ring and got hit with a tope suicida. 

Romero isolated the left arm of Danielson, but right handed chops and kicks still rang true. An ironically titled Romero Special from Danielson had the CHAOS member screaming out instead, and though Romero would find the ropes, Danielson would keep up the pressure until Rocky springboarded into a swinging DDT.  

Riding the swing in momentum, Rocky hit a dropkick through the ropes and a headscissor whip on the floor, before Sliced Rocky got two from the referee. Yet Romero would be overeager with Forever Clotheslines to follow, and a rolling elbow and German suplex saw Danielson back in the hunt. Going high risk, Danielson took Rocky to the top for a back suplex, but was countered in mid-air, and Romero followed with another cross armbreaker attempt, Danielson just able to power out of the hold.

More submission attempts from Romero would be countered with a blunt and brutal kick to the head by Danielson. Rocky went once more for Sliced Rocky out of the corner, but would be dropped, and Danielson transitioned into a Tequila Sunrise for the tapout victory. 

Rocky Romero joins Team Fred Rosser in ten man tag action against Team Filthy Saturday at Battle in the Valley.

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