Moose Bests Juice in San Jose 【NJoA】

Moose survives a game Juice Robinson at Battle in the Valley

One of the most hotly anticipated matches on a hot Battle in the Valley card on November 13 would see Juice Robinson take on IMPACT World Champion Moose in a non-title match. Giving up a good bit of size to Moose, Robinson tried to misdirect him in the ropes, but would get tackled and then bealed into the corner. The ring aware Juice would low bridge Moose and deliver a cannonball plancha, before drawing Moose to chop the ring post, but Moose shrugged off the damage, hurling his opponent into the guardrails.

Moose dropped Robinson with a hard uranage slam, and rattled off hard chops, but only succeeded in firing up the crowd behind Juice. Hard lariats from Robinson didn’t slow Moose, but a left hand did, and an uncharacteristic top rope Frankensteiner proved to be the setup for a big cannonball and a Frog Splash for two. Pulp@ Friction didn’t follow though, as Moose landed a big dropkick and a Beast Bomb for two. 

Juice and Moose reset, and traded bombs, Moose going up for a cross body but only to get caught with the Left hand of God in midair. A massive Pulp Friction hit flush, but Moose still kicked out at two, and again from a crunching lariat. When Robinson went up top again, Moose would have the wherewithal to run up the corner and land a belly to belly suplex, both men crashing hard to the mat; Moose found his feet first, but was nearly rolled up twice by Juice who then hit the Left Hand of God, but got caught with a Lights Out Spear for the win.