Best of the Super Jr. update: night 2

League continues in Korakuen 

The main event on night two of Best of Super Junior saw El Desperado and Taiji Ishimori both try to bounce back from first night losses, as well as continue a rivalry that has already seen a championship main event in 2021. Evenly matched on the mat, Ishimori got an advantage when bringing speed to the equation, a springboard seated senton the first major offense of the match, before Desperado pulled the referee in front of him to apply the brakes on Ishimori and even the score with a basement dropkick. 

Desperado sent Ishimori hard into the guradrails before the Bone Soldier was able to isolate the champion’s shoulder, returning the favour in the ringside steel. Drawing the referee away with the threat of a microphone shot, Ishimori instead used a chair to strike Desperado’s arm, and kept up relentless punishment in the ring, using an exposed turnbuckle to further torture the masked man as the match passed the ten minute mark. 

Left arm hanging limp, Desperado managed a desperation knee crusher and grounded Dragon Screw to finally create an opportunity, wrenching on a Stretch Muffler, but when he went for a spear, a leapfrog from Ishimori saw Desperado crash shoulder first to the canvas. Ishimori would follow with a triangle quebrada and accelerated into a sliding German suplex, still only getting two as Desperado refused to say die.  

Desperado found a surge of adrenaline to hit a spinebuster and Guitarra Del Angel, but without grip strength, Pinche Loco was countered into a hurricanrana, and a subsequent roll-up into the Yes Lock. Unable to get the submission win, Ishimori got two instead from Cipher Utaki, but would be rocked by the loco Mono right hand by the desperate IWGP champion. Desperado still couldn’t get Pinche Loco, instead getting reversed to La Mistica and Bone Lock, Desperado tapping out for his second straight loss. 

The night’s semi main event saw Hiromu Takahashi and SHO both battling for their second win. As with Desperado on night one, SHO wouldn’t engage Hiromu at the bell, and Takahashi went to SHO instead, landing lariats in the corner and sending his opponent into the ringside steel. When Hiromu went for a Sunset Bomb to the floor though, SHO would hang onto the ropes, and the Murder Machine would stretch his foe’s arm out over the apron before choking the 2020 winner on the floor. 

SHO stayed on the arm of Hiromu, who fired back chops only to be met by powerful mid kicks. Hiromu rallied with a head scissors, and a shotgun dropkick off the apron, before catching a SHO punt and delivering a hard Death Valley Driver onto the ring frame. Back inside a leaping Complete Shot would get Hiromu two, but SHO would go to the fingers of his opponent and then land a spear to create distance. 

SHO landed a punt to the arm before finding a double wristlock. Transitioning to a cross piledriver attempt, Hiromu would counter SHO into a Hurricanrana for two, and scored a release German suplex, but SHO responded in kind, and a tijeras attempt would be met with a thunderous powerbomb. On the second try, the cross arm piledriver connected but only for two, as frustration mounted for SHO. 

The Murder Machine went for Shock Arrow, and as Hiromu tried to work himself out, shifted into a brainbuster attempt, but the former IWGP Junior Champion reflexively found a DDT.  The frustrated SHO went for a wrench but would be met with a thrust kick, and a combination of heavy strikes and Victory Royal. Time Bomb II seemed to follow up, but then SHO sent Takahashi into the referee, and a low blow before the on cur HOUSE OF TORTURE interference followed. Hiromu was on the recieiving end of EVIL and as the referee came to, Snakebite for the stoppage.

After Yoshinobu Kanemaru scored a sneaky ring out victory over Taiji Ishimori on night one, partner El Phantasmo wanted revenge in his league bout. The Heel Master brought harsh strikes out of the gate, and continued to have no time for his opponents antics until a missed basement dropkick put ELP in control. After braving his hand and back worked over, Kanemaru scored with his basement dropkick and a brutal brainbuster to get two, but with a little space, Phantasmo scored with a thrust kick and then a unique torture rack facebuster for a nearfall. 

ELP loaded up his boot and went for Sudden Death, but the Suzuki-Gun member evaded contact and the match spilled to the floor. Kanemaru landed a reverse DDT, and shoved Young Lion Nakashima into Phantasmo’s path, but ELP was wise to the plan, and instead both barely beat the referee’s 20 count. Another thrust kick, and ELP set for CRII, but the move wouldn’t connect, and nor would another attempt at Sudden Death, Kanemaru acting fast to land a low blow and then cradle his foe for a second straight win. 

Master Wato battled Robbie Eagles on the card. An even exchange on the mat led to a high pace series of takedown attempts, and then an exchange of leg kicks and chops. As both men grew angrier, palm strikes and slaps to the face followed, with Wato hitting harder and Eagles going to the Ron Miller Special to drive his foe to the ropes. Eagles had brief control, but Wato fired back with accuracy and power on his strikes, leading to simultaneous high kicks putting both men down.

When Wato went for a mid kick, Eagles went down to the knee, and took advantage of the opening with a pair of knees to the face in the corner, but a dropkick did equal damage to Eagles’ visage and a tornillo saw the future master take flight. Wato continued to strike in combination and avoided the Ron Miller Special effectively, but couldn’t put the Sniper away. A charge to the corner saw Eagles kick away Wato’s leg, and with a low 619 and springboard dropkick, Eagles set for the Ron Miller, but as Wato tried to counter with a roll-up, Eagles shifted his weight to get the pin.  

After a loss to DOUKI on night one, BUSHI sought to get on the winning track against Ryusuke Taguchi. The Coach had control of the pace, and misdirected BUSHI early and often, but found himself crotched on the ropes, the ring post and the guardrail. BUSHI would continue to work over the lower abdomen of Taguchi, but the Coach was able to fire back with the buns of steel, and avoided a charging masked man to sink in Oh My and Garankle, getting the hold a second time after the Bummer Ye. At every attempt for BUSHI to get back into the match, Taguchi would wait with the ankle hold. BUSHI would create space with a backcracker and Codebreaker for two though, and followed up quickly with MX for three. 

The first league match of the night saw YOH looking for his first win against DOUKI. YOH brought some quick takedowns, but DOUKI went high risk first with a spectacular tope con giro, and kept him rooted with the Italian Stretch #32. YOH responded with a flying forearm, and caught Daybreak, but would get rolled into the ‘DOUKI Chokey’ as YOH had to power his foe up into the Falcon Arrow. Firing up, YOH backflipped to nail DOUKI with a thrust kick and then German for two, but Direct Drive was too premature, and Daybreak landed instead. As YOH refused to quit, he hoisted DOUKI into a modified Falcon Arrow across the knee, but couldn’t convert with Direct Drive, and was pinned by Suplex De la Luna.