FAQ: How to Watch NJPW vs NOAH on January 8 【WK16】

Pay-Per-View on sale now

The huge news story of the weekend was the announcement of NJPW facing NOAH at Wrestle Kingdom 16 in Yokohama Arena on January 8, 2022. This monumental cross over event will be a fitting way to bring the three days of Wrestle Kingdom to a close with some dream matchups. 

Anticipation is at fever pitch, and the initial allotment of tickets for Yokohama Arena sold out quickly, with more sections to be released. Many will be watching from home, and that can be done through ABEMA Pay Per View. 

The PPV is available now at a price of 3960 Yen (approx. 35 USD, 25 GBP, 31 Euro), and a portion of all proceeds from the event will be donated to the Japanese Red-Cross Society. 


Wrestle Kingdom 16 in Yokohama Arena FAQ

Q: I don’t live in Japan. Can I watch the event on pay-per-view?

A: Yes. The ABEMA PPV is available worldwide. 

Q: Will the event have English commentary?

A: Yes. The event is available in English and Japanese. 

Q: Can I watch the event on FITE?

A: No. The PPV is an ABEMA exclusive event, and is not available on FITE.

Q: Can I watch the event live on NJPW World?

A: No. The event will be live exclusive on ABEMA. However, the replay of the event will be available on demand one week after the card itself, and will remain in the NJPW World archives, in both English and Japanese.

Q: How do I make the purchase?

A: The above guide will walk you through the purchasing process (see also the image below; similar process for the ABEMA website on PCs). Unfortunately the ABEMA app and website itself is in Japanese.


Q: What devices support ABEMA Pay-Per-View?

A: ABEMA PPV is not available on all devices. Smartphones PCs and most tablets will be able to play the event, but please check your device requirements beforehand. 

Q: I want to buy the PPV but I can’t watch it live. Can I still view the event?

A: Yes. The event is viewable at your leisure, and with a catchup function, until 11:59 PM JST on January 21. 

Q: How can I support the Japanese Red Cross additionally?

A: Check out their website here.