Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Toru Yano the last KOPW match of 2021!

Year End Party Rules to determine the match, but what’s the choice of poison?

Having help the KOPW 2021 trophy for the bulk of the year, Toru Yano is close to finally claiming back to back trophy winning status as King of Pro-Wrestling, before the title resets on January 4, and KOPW 2022 begins anew. 

Yet before that can happen, Yano must pass one final defence in 2021, on Christmas Eve against Yoshinobu Kanemaru. After Kanemaru attacked Yano with a full whiskey bottle in Ryogoku December 15, challenges were issued and accepted, and this final match will be under Year End Party Rules. 

The rules see an normal match take place, with the exception that both wrestlers required to take a drink at two minute intervals. After beverages have been imbibed, both wrestlers will have to respond to the referee’s 20 count. Should a competitor fail to respond, they will lose the match, in addition to victory earned via pinfall, submission, disqualification etc.

As is customary, there will be a vote to determine the specifics of this contest, with the poll determining what the official drink of the contest is. Toru Yano has chosen Japanese sake, while Kanemaru ‘s pick is for whiskey.

Voting is underway on Twitter now!