CHAOS, HOUSE OF TORTURE, go nose to nose in press conference trio 【WK16】

NEVER 6 Man and Openweight Championship signings, and YOH’s face to face with SHO take presser focus.

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Rivals between CHAOS and HOUSE OF TORTURE squared off in three separate press conference segments on December 27, SHO and YOH meeting before their special singles match, and EVIL and Tomohiro Ishii exchanging words before they meet for the NEVER Openweight Championship before YOH, SHO and EVIL rejoined proceedings for the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Championship contract signing. 

SHO and YOH would start the press conference proceedings on the day, stating:

‘(YOH’s) been talking about ‘let’s fight’, ‘let’s go one on one’ lately. It really made me realise that this man had no class. He’s a teamster on a group of miscreants, and I think he’s going to try and cheat on the night. Maybe bring his cronies to the ring with him. So I hope that the referee steps up and makes sure that the rules are properly followed. If he fights fair and square with me, then I will do the same. I have no doubt that whatever happens and whatever he may try, I will be victorious, but I want the referee to make sure that this is a good clean fight. So on this date December 27 2021, I, SHO of the HOUSE OF TORTURE do solemnly swear that I will be above the disgusting tactics of CHAOS, and will fight with integrity and fairness.’

YOH responded simply to the disingenuous SHO, stating ‘I wonder what it feels like to walk down that ramp alone. Now isn’t the time for thank yous. It’s the time to fight one on one.’

In the face of EVIL’s comments, Ishii would be even more terse than YOH, but first had to listen to his January 4 challenger’s comments:

‘I said this in Korakuen. There’s no way I’m losing to a weed like Ishii who only got his way by cheating. Being a double champion at the Tokyo Dome would make a great present for me.  At Korakuen you said a bunch, but it was all bark, little doggy. The whines of a miserable mutt who has to be put out of its misery. If you have a complaint, come bring it to the ring.’

Ishii’s response would be a simple ‘However many people you bring, whatever you use, whatever you try, I will obliterate you’.

Speaking as challengers, CHAOS were first on the mic when the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Championship signing took place. Starting the comments was Hirooki Goto who stated ‘the belts you have do not belong with you. Little bugs who can’t get anywhere without cheating shouldn’t have those titles. We will take what was taken from us. That’s all there is to say.’

Continuing, YOSHI-HASHI remarked: ‘In our last title match, they had to resort to the dirt worst tricks to take those belts from us. On January 5, we will take them back, decisively, and since they stopped our reign from double digit defences before, this time we’ll hold them well into those double figures.’

YOH completed the challengers’ comments, saying ‘as a member of CHAOS, someone who will always be a member of CHAOS, I will return those titles (HOUSE OF TORTURE) dragged through the mud, back to my seniors.’

In response, EVIL stated: ‘Of course we will be beating those guys. That CHAOS battleship will be sunk in a heartbeat’.

Yujiro continued, calling out each of his opposition in turn. ‘YOSHI-HASHI, when you had these titles, you said in front of everyone that you would defend them forever. Lies! You should apologise to all the fans. Goto, your double teams with YOSHI-HASHI- I bet you come up with the names. I don’t know what any of them mean. Apologise to the fans and this whole business. And YOH, thanks to you, SHO has changed and become the man he is. For that, that! Thank you.’

SHO finished by saying ‘Whether the members change or not it’s all the same, we will win fair and square, clean as a sheet. No problems. Thank you.’

SHO faces YOH in a special singles match January 4, while EVIL  challenges NEVER Openweight Champion Ishii. On January 5, YOH, YOSHI-HASHI and Goto challenge NEVER Openweight 6 man champions EVIL, Yujiro and SHO.