Details Revealed for NJPW-ism Exhibit in Tokyo! 【50th】

Special exhibit runs from February 11-27

Starting February 11, a tentpole event in NJPW’s 50th Anniversary celebrations is coming to Gallery AaMo in Suidobashi’s Tokyo Dome City. 

The NJPW-ism exhibition will see special items reflecting NJPW’s 50 years on display, as well as a chance to experience New Japan Pro-Wrestling like never before!

Details have finally been unveiled about the event, with a lot to get excited for! If you can’t be there in person, look out for content on, social media and YouTube to experience just what it’s like from afar!


Friday February 11 to Monday February 27 

Opening hours: Weekdays noon-7PM weekends 10AM-7PM

Ticket details: (Japanese)

The Dojo

Every ascent to greatness begins in the NJPW Dojo. See the famous panels that have decorated the Noge Dojo from its first days to inspire those that walk through its doors, and witness the first steps of many a famous name. 

The birth

It all started on March 6 1972. A special corner of the exhibition is dedicated to the very first NJPW event, with posters, promo fliers and more. 

The King of Sports

NJPW truly burst onto the worldwide scene on June 26, 1976. See some rare promotional items, posters, photos and more from Antonio Inoki’s bout against Muhammad Ali, and learn what followed as the genesis of modern mixed martial arts was born in NJPW rings.

The International Invasion

A special corner celebrates the international stars that plied their trade in NJPW rings from the earliest days. Sample the size and scale of Andre the Giant’s ring boots and hand prints, and get up close and personal with the feared saber of Tiger Jeet Singh. 

The Prizes

From championship belts to classic trophies, see the prizes the very best in the world fought for in the ranks of IWGP, Best of the Super Jr, G1 and more. 

The Legends

From Seiji Sakaguchi to the original Tiger Mask, Strong Machine to Shinsuke Nakamura, take a look at the legendary masks and ring gear of the greats that have competed on the cerulean blue.

The Masks

Amazing historical masks from the personal collection of former Weekly Gong cameraman Sho Ogawa. See if you can recognise them all!

 The Illustrator

Sometimes cute, sometimes intimidating, always striking and instantly recognisable, Nagatoshi Sakai’s iconic illustrations have been a part of NJPW’s promotion for decades. Check out some of Sakai’s incredible work over the years.

The Stars of Today

Check out a whole different side to the wrestlers you know from NJPW today. Check out some of their ring worn gear, and personal items from their own collections. Plus see some exclusive illustrations from the desk of Hiromu Takahashi!

The Ring

Step between the ropes of a genuine NJPW ring! Feel for yourself what it’s like to step between the ropes and onto the famed cerulean blue mat. The ultimate photo opportunity!

The Entrance

Make your choice of entrance music and video, before walking out like a real NJPW star! A genuine entrance gate allows you to experience what the best wrestlers in the world do!

The Press Conference

Get your promo ready and start spitting truth! Genuine interview backing gives attendees the chance to act like a true champion!

The Game

NJPW Strong Spirits hits mobile devices on February 28, but attendees will get a special chance to try the game early at NJPW-ism! Check out the game for yourself!