LA Dojo to Team With El Burrito! 【NJoA】

Soyrizo to become the official food for LA Dojo!

El Burrito Mexican Food Products Corp., an alternative meat manufacturer, a wholly owned subsidiary of House Foods Holding USA, (Headquarters: California, USA, President: Masato Shoji, hereinafter referred to as “El Burrito”), has signed a sponsorship agreement with New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America (California, USA CEO: Takami Ohbari, hereinafter referred to as “NJoA”) to promote Soyrizo®︎ in the United States.


Collaboration Background

Due to the ever-increasing importance of sustainability and health-consciousness, plant-based alternatives to beef, pork and poultry have grown incredibly popular in recent years. Based in California, El Burrito is one of the oldest manufacturers of alternative meat products and has been selling plant-based Mexican chorizo since 1995. After joining the House Foods Group in 2012, the company has been working hard to support the health of our customers and reduce our environmental impact as a member of the Group. To further promote Soyrizo®︎ in new markets, El Burrito have decided to collaborate with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, an established leader in delivering excitement and entertainment through professional wrestling.

Plans for future initiatives

– A commemorative collaboration video will premiere during the next show to be held at The Vermont Hollywood in LA on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

– Sales of original collaboration T-shirts with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

– Creating additional collaborative content that showcases both El Burrito and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

– Providing Soyrizo®︎ to the New Japan Pro-Wrestling LA Dojo.

* This may be subject to change depending on the market environment and the impact of Covid-19.


Comment by CEO Takami Ohbari, NJoA

One of the elements that makes a pro-wrestler’s body strong is a good diet, and with that in mind I have high hopes for this collaboration between Soyrizo®︎, a low-calorie high protein food, and the LA Dojo. Our wrestlers need to train hard daily to perform well, and Soyrizo®︎ is a great way for them get the protein they need while still being healthy. I hope you will try it too!


Comment by President Masato Shoji, El Burrito Mexican Food Products Corp.

Chorizo and pro-wrestling are two things that the Mexican community enjoys very much, so we’ve decided to collaborate with the NJPW LA Dojo to bring these passions together. We are thrilled to be able to work with the LA Dojo to expand the appeal of “delicious” plant-based protein, and we hope we can reach a wider audience by collaborating with such a well known wresting company. We were also so happy to see how much the wrestlers loved our Soyrizo®︎ during the video shoot!

About Soyrizo®

A meatless soy based alternative to chorizo, Soyrizo®︎ sells over one million units annually in the United States. Made with an authentic recipe,100% US-grown organic soybeans, and 100% NON-GMO ingredients. A pioneering plant-based chorizo product that contains 43g of protein per unit, now available in California and throughout the US from, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, etc.