More matches fill out stunning Strong Style Evolved card 3/20! 【NJoA】

TMDK reunite and more in Tampa/St.Pete




More matches have been set for the Strong Style Evolved lineup, as STRONG hits the Coliseum in Tampa/St. Petersburgh Florida on March 20. Take a look at the matches that complete an incredible card!

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After Shane Haste made a shocking appearance this week on NJPW STRONG to assist former running buddy JONAH and Bad Dude Tito to victory against FinJuice, a clear statement was made that TMDK are back as a force in wrestling. FinJuice, and David Finlay’s younger brother Brogan were brutally assaulted to end the evening on STRONG, and Haste would issue a challenge for FinJuice backstage. The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but can FinJuice make them pay in Florida?

Karl Fredericks will take on IMPACT’s Walking Weapon Josh Alexander one on one. In 2021, Alexander solidified his reputation as one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world, and in Florida, he’ll face the hybrid striking and grappling of Fredericks for his first STRONG appearance of 2022. Who comes out on top?

A battle of two STRONG debutants, Ireland’s Big Damo takes on Jon Skyler one on one. This heavyweight battle will be one to watch, as both prospects with already considerable experience want to make sure to stick around on STRONG. Who will gain the upper hand?

Another STRONG debutant, ‘Uptown’ Andy Brown will face Hikuleo. Brown is a ten year veteran of the independent scene, but Hikuleo has to be the toughest competitor to make a debut against. Can Uptown impress? Can Uptown survive?

Also in Florida, LA Dojo tag partners face off when Kevin Knight and the DKC go head to head. While both men have gelled as a team, Knight has perhaps been the subject of more buzz of late, earning a singles contest with Hikuleo in Hollywood. Not to be outdone, DKC wants to show the world just how far he has come, and wants to beat his teammate and rival.