Machine Guns Quicker on the Draw Than BULLET CLUB on IMPACT 【NJoA】

Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin battle Jay White & Chris Bey in IMPACT main

IMPACT on March 17 saw a big tag team main event, as the Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin combined to face BULLET CLUB’s Chris Bey and former MCMG progeny Jay White. 

After Shelley and White faced off at Sacrifice in singles competition, Shelley was mistaken in thinking he would receive a handshake from the Switchblade. Jay White again denied his one time mentor a handshake to start the match, and fired hard chops, but was met with stereo dropkicks from Shelley and Sabin. Bey would land an impressive dropkick of his own on Sabin, but he too would be on the receiving end of slick teamwork as MCMG kept control.

Even Jay White’s interference to break up a submission on Bey backfired as Sabin landed a tope suicida to both opponents, but the Switchblade did break up an attempted Doomsday Dropkick to give Bey space to land a tope con giro. White and Bey would follow up effectively, and ensured Shelley was rooted in the BULLET CLUB corner until a counter Flatliner into the corner would bring Sabin back inside. 

Taking down White, and landing a spectacular midair dropkick counter to Bey, Sabin connected with Shelley to suplex Bey into White in the corner. A swinging DDT followed to King Switch, but White countered a Cradle Shock to bring Bey back in. The match breaking down, Jay White would find himself out the ring after a series of Dragon Screws, and Shelley and Sabin connected with Skull and Bones on Bey. White dove in for the save, but was just out of time to prevent the controversial three as Motor City Machine Guns scored a major victory. 

Chris Sabin faces Jay White on March 20 in Florida at Strong Style Evolved. Buy tickets now!