NJoA To Launch Official Fanclub: Team NJPW USA! 【NJoA】



NJoA To Launch Official Fanclub: Team NJPW USA! 【NJoA】

The official global Fanclub of New Japan Pro-Wrestling is coming tomorrow! Take your NJPW fandom to the next level and sign-up to Team NJPW USA to get a great selection of fantastic benefits!


Team NJPW USA Membership – Annual fee – $50

  • $30 Tokon Shop Global Gift Card – Immediately save money on your next NJPW merch order!
  • Fully translated wrestler diaries – Get access to the full thoughts of 16 different NJPW wrestlers, translated from Japanese and updated once a week.
  • Membership Card & Lanyard
  • Exclusive members only merchandise
  • Special gift at shows – Show your membership card to get a special gift at NJPW live events
  • Members only lottery – Every month members are entered into a lottery to win a wrestler’s autograph!


For less than $5 a month, fans from all over the world can join New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s international fanclub and gain access to all these amazing benefits and help support NJPW’s international expansion at the same time.


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