NJPW x STARDOM special event November 20!

NJPW and STARDOM to present first ever joint card in the new Ariake Arena

Monday June 6 saw a special press conference celebrating 15 years of Bushiroad, the parent company of both New Japan Pro-Wrestling and STARDOM. During the event, attended by Great-O-Khan and Hiroshi Tanahashi of NJPW, and Starlight Kid and Mayu Iwatani from STARDOM, a special event was announced for Sunday November 20. 

For the first time ever, NJPW and STARDOM will combine forces for a full joint card in Tokyo’s Ariake Arena. Newly contructed for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the 15,000 seat venue will be playing host to both companies for the very first time for this landmark event!

Special STARDOM showcases have highlighted Wrestle Kingdom pre-shows, as well as Wrestle Grand Slam in MetLife Dome in 2021.  STARDOM was part of the main card at Wrestle Kingdom 16 night 2 on January 5, but now both companies will present their best for a special joint card. What will happen November 20? Stay tuned for more information, as well as a special report from the Bushiroad press conference!