Three matches official for High Alert July 24! 【NJoA】

First matches announced for Grady Cole Center




High Alert will see NJPW return to Charlotte North Carolina and the Grady Cole Center for the first time in over three years on July 24. With the first STRONG Openweight Tag Team Champions to be crowned on the card’s headline bout, plenty more action is to come, including these three mammoth matchups. 

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Clark Connors will go one on one with Hiromu Takahashi. In an explosive clash during Best of the Super Jr. in Ota, the Wild Rhino Connors came close to defeating the Time Bomb, especially with a tackle that almost knocked Hiromu clear out of the tournament. Though it would be Hiromu that just barely ended Clark’s tournament hopes with the D submission, the Shibata trainee had earned the eventual BOSJ winner’s respect. 

In Korakuen Hall on June 21, both Connors and Takahashi suffered crushing defeats after classic performances. Connors would push Tomohiro Ishii to his very limit in an AEW All Atlantic qualifier, while Hiromu Takahashi battled Taiji Ishimori in a losing effort after a match of the year candidate. Now they square off one on one in a match that could shape the rest of the year for both men. 

Mascara Dorada will be taking on TJP. The Public Enemy returns to the US with some freshly won gold in his suitcase, and still with a pair of Dorada’s masks in hsi possession. The humiliation that CMLL’s estrella suffered at the hands of TJP in both Florida and Hollywood is not something he’s going to forget easily, and he’ll be bringing a ton of pent up aggression to the ring in Charlotte.

A giant battle will see Hikuleo face Big Damo. Damo is looking to bounce back from a loss to Tomohiro Ishii a few weeks ago on STRONG, but in an emergent field of superheavyweights on Saturday nights, Hikuleo wants to prove that he is worthy of bring called king of the giants.