Tomohiro Ishii advances to Forbidden Door Four Way 【NJoA】

Ishii bests Connors to advance to Chicago

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Korakuen Hall saw the final qualifier for Forbidden Door’s AEW All Atlantic Championship four way on June 21, as Clark Connors did battle with Tomohiro Ishii. With Connors relatively fresh after Ishii had his base taken away by Yoshinobu Kanemaru 24 hours earlier, the Wild Rhino pushed the pace hard and fast, and delivered vicious blows to the Stone Pitbull, including a Jeep Flip that nearly took Ishii out the ring. 

Yet Ishii would will himself to tackle Connors, and connect with a side suplex before bringing Connors center ring.  The CHAOS member would land crunching forearms, but a lariat from Connors was followed by the Extinction Elbow and a diving Spear. A second seemed to be on the way, but Ishii would bury a hard knee to the gut of the Wild Rhino, who was left sucking in air as Ishii tried to recover. 

The Stone Pitbull did so with a German suplex, and a powerbomb, stacking Connors for a near two at the ten minute mark. Still Connors refused to lose, and landed another spear before hurling Ishii with a powerslam. The LA Dojo graduate wanted the Trophy Kill to follow, but Ishii would get wide and rock Connors with a lariat. A Vertical Drop Brainbuster followed to advance Ishii to Chicago.