Who is the strongest wrestler in midsummer? 【G132】

G1 Predictions underway in NJPW Collection

G1 Climax 32 picks have finally started on NJPW Prediction!
A special metal board of the winner of “G1 CLIMAX 32” will be presented to the top ranked players in this series.
Plus, you can get Lionstones just by registering your prediction for each match, so feel free to participate.
Also, throughout the series, we will also carry out a Special Login Bonus Campaign where you can get up to 250 lion stones by logging in every day!
Let’s liven up the hottest summer on record with NJPW Collection!
【NJPW Prediction “G1 CLIMAX 32” series】
・Periods 2022/7/16 12:00 ~ 2022/8/18 Until the end of the tournament(JST)
* Prediction starts from 7/12 12:00(JST)
・Target tournament 2022/7/16 17:00(JST) 2022/7/17 14:00(JST) 2022/7/20 18:30(JST) 2022/7/23 18:30(JST) 2022/7/24 15:00(JST)
*Predictions accepted up to five minutes before bell.
*More tour dates will be added to Prediction at 12PM every Tuesday during the G1.
For rewards and how to play, please check in app.
【”G1 CLIMAX 32″ Special Login Bonus Campaign】
・Period: 2022/7/16 0:00 ~ 2022/8/18 23:59(JST)
・Target User All users who logged in at least once a day during the period
・Rewards 3 to 15 Lionstones to a total of 250 
* The number distributed varies from day to day.
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