B Block’s G1 Climax 32 comments 【G132】

Press conference sees B Block speak

Thursday July 7 saw the official G1 Climax 32 press conference in Tokyo as entrants gave their last pre tournament statements.

25 of the 28 entrants were present at the conference, with Tama Tonga, Lance Archer and El Phantasmo absent as a result of travel delays. After A Block comments were complete, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White started the B Block.

Watch the conference here!

Jay White

Let me start by pointing out an obvious pattern. In 2019, I beat Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and that was immediately followed by the largest New Japan Cup in history in order to find someone to take me down.

Fast forward to 2022, I beat this idiot (Okada) for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. What is that followed by? My first defence being in a four way against three of the supposed “best in the world”; Okada, Hangman Adam Page, and my good friend Adam Cole. But they’re not the best. You know why? Because I beat Okada, Hangman Adam Page and my good friend Adam Cole on the same night at the same time.

So now New Japan goes to their back up plan, because they don’t like me being champion. So they have the largest G1 in history, once again to find somebody to take me down. That’s what happens when you’re the Catalyst of Professional Wrestling. These events happen simply because of my presence. I make the world turn.

Now look at this field, and look at who’s in here. Guys in their first G1, and guys who are returning. So to those guys getting those opportunities, you’re welcome. On that note, I’m disappointed that Tama (Tonga) isn’t here today because I was looking forward to him coming to thank me. Because if I didn’t make the decision to cut him from BULLET CLUB, he wouldn’t have made new friends like Okada and Tanahashi.

Without me cutting him from BULLET CLUB, he wouldn’t have gone on to win the NEVER Openweight Championship, as brief as that may have been, thanks to the Machine Gun Karl Anderson. Obviously the lights were bright that night.

Most of all I was looking forward to a thank you from Tama for not cutting Hikuleo from BULLET CLUB and me taking him under my wing. Because of that, Tama, on the back of BULLET CLUB, he can feed your family and carry on the family legacy. Shame you couldn’t be here to thank me in person, but Tama- you’re welcome.

Tomohiro Ishii

As deep as I’ve dug this year I haven’t produced results. This time, no matter what it takes, I’ll show all I have, I will win, I will get results.

Tama Tonga

In absentia, Tama stated ‘the shackles are off, and I will take you all down’.


Personally, I became a champion this year but got injured right after and had to vacate, so things really didn’t turn out the way I wanted. This G1 is where SANADA truly returns.


Finally I got my YouTube channel in the hype videos for this. Maybe compared to these guys I’m not a hot topic in the ring, but out of it, nobody beats the conversation I’ll start. Nowadays you have to be as skilled outside the ring as in it. I’ll win this G1, then I’ll delight all my subscribers with a special live stream.

When I stream me winning this trophy, you know what’ll happen? I’ll get tons of ad money, a bunch of Super Chat tips. In other words, I’ll make it rain. Naoto or Okada, they might say they’re money in the ring, but I’ll make it really rain for NJPW and Bushiroad on YouTube.


What do you want us to talk about?
Our goals? You think we plan on losing? We’ll win every match, that’s all.

Chase Owens

Here we are. Second G1, and though last year didn’t go how I wanted, what came out of it were the first points of my career at the expense of Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Big upset, right? So who’s the upset this year? O-Khan? I beat him in DC. Tai chi? I beat you last year, you’re not an upset. SANADA? Ishii? Jay?

The one guarantee is that a BULLET CLUB member will win B block, and a BULLET CLUB member will win the G1. That is Too Sweet.