D Block not outdone at G1 presser 【G132】

ELP steals show in absentia

Thursday July 7 saw the official G1 Climax 32 press conference in Tokyo as entrants gave their last pre tournament statements.

25 of the 28 entrants were present at the conference, with Tama Tonga, Lance Archer and El Phantasmo absent as a result of travel delays. After A Block comments were complete, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jay White started the B Block.

Watch the conference here!

Will Ospreay

Usually somebody who’s p**sed me off this much by ducking me and taking my property, I’d flip the table over, slap Shingo and come over there and batter you. All your BULLET CLUB boys would go ‘oh no, don’t do that’ and come over and I’d f**king batter them as well. But it’s all right, because there’s a calendar marked, mate. By the end of this G1, I’ll have my hands on you, and my hands on the belt. I’ll bash that f**king thing over your c***ing skull. 

The best thing of all this is that it’s in the bag. Best of the Super Jr, done it. New Japan Cup, done it. Junior Heavyweight Championship, done it. NEVER Openweight Championship, done it. US Championship, got it, even if I don’t have the belt. World Championship done it. This is the last one. The G1’s coming to the Billy G.O.A.T.

Shingo Takagi

From my first G1, I’ve said that if I’m in it, I’m fighting to win it. That’s all I’m thinking about. But first I have to think about this block. Ospreay is here, Yujiro after he knocked me out last year. D is the Danger Block. There are a few title holders here, but when it comes to the G1, titles are irrelevant. This is about who is the strongest in all of NJPW, all of pro-wrestling. I believe that I will produce.

First is Juice Robinson. Hey Juice, are you BULLET CLUB? I don’t know why he joined or what he’s thinking. If you come at me half-assed like that I’ll crush you. Juice, on day two, our first matches, we’re in the main event. In Sapporo, whether you’re juice, or Sapporo soup curry, I’ll gladly devour you. 

This is the first midsummer G1 in three years. It’s always hot, but I’ll make it hotter than ever, and have it be a Dragon Summer.

Juice Robinson

I’m glad you’re in a good mood, Billy because I’m cheerful myself. You know who’s lucky because of that- you red tie! (host Shigeki Kiyono) You’re lucky I don’t start slapping you around, b**ch! You introduce this guy as the IWGP United States Champion. Are you stupid? Yes. All of you fire up the internet right now and start typing all these asshole’s names. ELP, he ain’t here, but last time he got in the ring with me, he got his ass kicked in Philadelphia. Yujiro will never ever beat me. David! F**k David Finlay! I beat his ass in Singapore. I carried his ass around for years. He can’t beat me, never has, never will. YOSHI-HASHI, he can’t beat me. 

Shingo, what happened three years ago? I beat your ass with a smile on my face. Now I will do it Rock Hard! Juice Robinson the true International Wrestling Grand Prix US Champion. Isn’t that so, Will. Because the last time me and you were in the ring together, your ass lost! And that was the last time I’ve been in the ring. So ask yourselves. Who’s the f**king champion? I am. Where’s the belt? In the shop. Because the last few champions since the last time I had it, they treated the belt like s**t. So I’m getting it fixed up. All you motherf**kers better believe it, my ass is winning the D Block. 


Two years ago, I took the NEVER 6 Man belts for the first time, and last year I won World tag League and won the IWGP Tag belts. So next is a big singles win. In this G1, I will take myself to new heights. 

David Finlay

It’s been over a year since I wrestled in Japan. I’m happy to be back, but I have a chip on my shoulder. The last seven years I’ve watched the G1 from the sidelines, and each year that passed ate at me a little more. Each year I’ve seen people make names for themselves and become a star in a matter of weeks. Now it’s my turn. I have so much to prove. I want my name to be synonymous with greatness. That means winning my block, including beating you, Juice, winning my block and the G1, and then making it all the way to Wrestle Kingdom to face Jay White for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. This is my year, my time. Expect me.

Yujiro Takahashi

Last couple of years, with COVID, the foreign wrestlers weren’t around, so that’s why I was included, right? Wrong! Look, this year, all these international guys are here, and so am I. Don’t look past me. 

El Phantasmo

El Phantasmo had a prepared statement read at the press conference.

‘It’s me, the newest heavyweight, the man with the plan and the golden tan, E-L-P! Look at this tan! Such a nice colour! Look at these beefy muscles too!

I’ve been working out lots while at home. Watch me do 50 pushups! *do 50 pushups* Now 500 squats! *do 500 squats*
Didn’t even break a sweat!  
*look at Will Ospreay* What is going on here?? You look like Jake Paul had slow and sensual intercourse with the abominable snowman.
Speaking of Abominable, what’s up Finlay, glad to see you back. Juice out here looking hard as fuck as usual. My man. Big Yuj looks like a wet rhinoceros fart. Respect. Speaking of farts, YOSHI-HASHI, it looks like you smelled one. Last but not least, Shingo. 
Apparently you don’t know what E-L-P stands for. Well, let me tell you….Extremely Long Phallus 
Hmm I guess it does make sense why you don’t know what it means. Thank you for your time! See you all in Sapporo!