G1 Climax Update: Day 4 【G132】

First Tokyo action on night 4

Night four of G1 Climax 32 saw the tour hit the Tokyo area for the first time, the historic Ota-Ku gymnasium saw four more group matches, and jay White emerge victorious in the main event.
In A Block, Toru Yano brought a surprise to Kazuchika Okada in their CHAOS derby. Harkening back to hardcore heel great Umanosuke Ueda in his attire, Yano wasn’t afraid to bend every rule he could in violent form. After a brutal assault on the outside, Yano kept up the pressure inside, and had Okada troubled with his classic Onigoroshi Powerbomb finish.
Yet Okada was too tough to contain, and landed a DDT onto Yano’s steel chair before taking it out of play. Defusing a low blow attempt as well, Okada was able to strike with a rolling lariat, and though Yano escaped attempts at Money Clip submissions, a decisive clutch of the hold secured the tapout win.
In B Block, the main event of the evening had Switchblade Jay White move to four points, undefeated at the expense of Tomohiro Ishii. After Ishii declared that the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion was doing himself a disservice by having Gedo interfere on his behalf, the Swicthblade gave Gedo a pair of chairs to ‘put (his) feet up’ away from the ring. It wasn’t long though, before one of those chairs was rung off Ishii’s skull as Gedo found the weapon at the CHAOS member’s head.
White would take full control of the match as a result, with specific and familiar focus applied on his foe’s midsection. As the air was driven from Ishii’s lungs, the Catalyst of Professional Wrestling controlled the pace of the bout and the reactions of the crowd, who clapped on Ishii as he recoiled in pain from a front suplex onto the apron, and then a crunching superplex. Yet Ishii would rear back in the face of White’s offense, and fought with trademark pride and fire. A superplex of his own would do heavy damage, and Ishii managed to get the champion to play his own game, White having to fight fire with fire with a wild lariat to floor the Stone Pitbull.
If there was a red mist of prideful focus that had descended on White, Gedo was able to pull the champion out of it. As pace quickened, a momentary tug of Ishii’s heel did not influence the result, but did seem to bring Jay back to his senses. As synapses quickly fired, his reflexes fired his shoulder off the mat after an Ishii powerbomb, and kept him away from the Vertical Drop Brainbuster. Ishii was able to respond from White’s Sleeper Suplex with one of his own, but had no answer for the Bladerunner that led to the three.
In C Block, Zack Sabre Junior was able to stay undefeated, but only barely as Aaron Henare pushed him to the very limit. An early Superman punch from Henare hit Sabre on the button, and as ZSJ struggled, a suplex outside saw lingering rib issues take hold on the Briton.
Following up, Henare was able to use his hard and heavy strikes upstairs and down. A Berzerker Bomb and a Saito style senton crunched the air out of Zack, but Henare couldn’t quite keep Sabre down for three, nor force him to submit from the Ultima full Nelson. Sabre had the flexibility to escape, and was able to follow on early work on the Ultimate Weapon’s base. After work on the once injured Achille’s of his foe, ZSJ was eventually able to find a short half crab that forced an instant instinctual tapout.
In D Block, a violent battle between YOSHI-HASHI and Shingo Takagi was a highlight of the night for many. With Takagi aware of YOSHI-HASHI’s stinging chops and brutal lariats, as well as his lifting maneuvers, KOPW 2022 holder Takagi would target the arm of the Headhunter, who was able to respond with a Headhunter. Targeting the neck of Shingo, YOSHI-HASHI was able to create some breathing room, and pins and needles that shot down the arm when he was able to deliver a suplex off the top rope.
YOSHI-HASHI showed his heart and will to win as he repeatedly came to his feet despite brutal blows and throws from the Dragon. The CHAOS member kicked out of Made In Japan, and as momentum built, was able to hit Karma, but with damage having taken its toll, couldn’t quite make a key cover in time. A Destroyer and then Kumagoroshi landed for a very near two, but as he went for one more decisive Karma, Shingo trapped YOSHI-HASHI with a Ground Cobra for three.