Desperado to the End in Mox Music City Main 【NJoA】

Jon Moxley wins a bloody brutal war in Nashville

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The main event of Music City Mayhem on July 30th in Nashville saw Jon Moxley take on El Desperado in a No Disqualification Match. As the two competitors made their entrances, they examined the weapons lining the ring, notably two large, barbed wire covered boards propped in opposite corners. As the match began, both wrestlers wasted no time in trying to push each other into the corners and the ominous barbed wire.

As they struggled, Moxley grabbed El Desperado’s mask and started to rip it off his face. El Desperado escaped, but not before the top of his mask was ripped open, revealing his forehead. When Moxley seemed to let his guard down for a moment El Desperado took advantage and caught Moxley in a delayed dragon screw to target his competitor’s knee. It looked like El Desperado had a change of heart when he seized a bouquet of red roses, but his true intentions became clear as he tore the roses away to reveal a handful of wooden skewers. He grabbed Moxley and drove the skewers into his opponent’s forehead. The pain was apparent on Moxley’s face as dozens of wooden spikes impaled his skin and blood streamed down his face.


After El Desperado targeted Moxley’s knee again with a submission, Moxley escaped to the outside of the ring. Seeing an opportunity to inflict more pain on his opponent, El Desperado attempted a dive through the ropes. Moxley showed this wasn’t his first rodeo and he pulled a guitar from beneath the ring, stopping the masked wrestler mid-flight with a blow to the head. Then Moxley grabbed a shard of broken guitar and drove it into El Desperado’s exposed forehead, causing the blood to flow. Disoriented, El Desperado found himself on Moxley’s shoulders, about to be power bombed into the barbed wire in the corner. In what seemed more like instinct than awareness, El Desperado slipped out of Moxley’s grip and speared the surprised Moxley into the vicious barbed wire.

Moxley’s body writhed in pain as the barbed wire clung to his skin, but when El Desperado tried to send Moxley through the second barbed wire board in the corner, Moxley reversed and hit a huge missile dropkick to send El Desperado into the barbed wire instead. Sensing a chance to end the match, Moxley pulled El Desperado out of the barbed wire and hit a piledriver in the center of the ring. El Desperado kicked out at two to stay alive.


Determined to end El Desperado, Moxley set up a table on the outside. His opponent had a few tricks of his own and caught Moxley with a steel chair to the gut, then to the skull. Showing no mercy, El Desperado dragged Moxley’s limp body onto the table, then mounted the top rope.  Before El Desperado could jump, Moxley sprang to life and jumped to the ring apron. Moxley shoved El Desperado off the top rope and through the waiting table on the floor, which shattered upon impact. Knowing it would take more to put El Desperado away, Moxley retrieved a board lined with jagged pieces of aluminum soda cans and slammed El Desperado onto the waiting bed of metal. Then Moxley pinned him, driving his opponent’s back even further into the sharp edges, Desperado miraculously kicking out.

As the battle raged on, El Desperado caught Moxley in a stretch muffler submission and it seemed as though Moxley’s punished knee would force him to tap out. He managed to escape and hit the Death Rider on El Desperado, then caught him in a chokehold. As referee Jeremy Marcus tried to check on El Desperado, the fierce competitor held up both of his middle fingers to the concerned referee, then quickly lost consciousness. Marcus immediately called for the bell, ending the match at 17 minutes and 29 seconds.