Robbie Eagles lays CMLL title claim

Sniper of the Skies seeks World Middleweight gold

Robbie Eagles made his Arena Mexico debut on Friday August 5 as a captain’s fall six man tag saw the Sniper of the Skies captain Ultimo and Gran Guerrero to take on Volador Jr., Averno and CMLL World Middleweight Champion Dragon Roja Junior. 

The first fall of the bout saw Volador’s team push Eagles hard, combining with Averno for a powerbomb that led to a Roja double foot stomp and the first pin. 


Eagles was able to find a response in the second fall, diving to Roja to set the Guerreros up in ring to score the equalizer. 
In the third fall, Voalador wanted a no touch tope con giro to the Guerreros on the outside, but was caught into a powerbomb. That left Roja in ring with Eagles, who connected with a 450 Splash across the leg and then the Ron Miller Special to submit the champion. Post match, Eagles challenged for the CMLL Middleweight gold, and the match appears to be on for a later date.