Another Rainy Summer as Okada Gets 4th G1 【G132】

Okada takes second consecutive, fourth overall G1

Kazuchika Okada has won G1 Climax 32, emerging from a thrilling 33 minute 43 second thriller of a main event against a Will Ospreay who seemed to have every bit of Okada’s number until the last critical second.

Watch the replay now!

The bout, getting underway after a special presentation from Syuri and Giulia of STARDOM to the two athletes, would start with Okada driving the early pace with shots to the bad neck of Ospreay followed by a hard DDT outside. After another DDT in ring, Ospreay was rattled, but fired back with an AJ Styles like Phenomenal Forearm, the first of many hints to wrestlers that had previously bested the Rainmaker.

Outside, a Sky Twister Press to the floor and an OsCutter off the guardrails provided the Ospreay originals. It took a high back body drop and a flapjack to get some space for Okada, and the CHAOS leader followed up with the Money Clip before soaring with an elbow off the top.

Okada’s first attempt at the Rainmaker had Ospreay’s survival instincts firing, but before the Briton could mount offense, Okada sent him hard into the opposite buckle. Fighting got his life, Ospreay buried hard Kawada kicks and brutal chops before scoring his second OsCutter of the match, this time on the apron as the Budokan crowd collectively gasped. Completing a hat trick of OsCutters in ring, Ospreay got two off Okada; going for home Ospreay wanted the Stormbreaker but was met with a strong short arm lariat.

As Okada began to fire back, another OsCutter attempt was met with a drop kick out of midair. Withstanding an Okada Tombstone, Ospreay scored with Hidden Blade for two; unable to get the victory, the Briton dug down deep for answers. Going into his research of men who had beaten Okada before, Ospreay got two each from High Fly Flow and then a Styles Clash, but Okada escaped the One Winged Angel, and scored the Landslide and Rainmaker, incredibly only for a nearfall. 

Another Rainmaker was met with a Spanish Fly, and the two men reset with heavy elbows traded. Breaking the sequence, Ospreay scored with a hook kick but Okada ducked Hidden Blade and connected with an enzuigiri. Okada was  denied the Cobra Flowsion, but caught a charging Ospreay with a second attempt, and landed the Rainmaker again to take the G1 Climax trophy.