Yano Flies in Good Brother Ointment as Tanahashi Claims Title Shot 【G132】

Anderson showed up by the Ace in the Budokan

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Before the G1 Climax 32 final on August 18, tag team action saw David Finlay and Hiroshi Tanahashi team up against IMPACT Tag team Champions the Good Brothers, but the result was anythign but what Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows had wanted after two months away from Japan. 

Things seemed to be going the Good Brothers way as they strung together tag team offense and looked to be going for the Magic Killer. All of a sudden though, Toru Yano appeared on the entrance way, squirting water all over Doc Gallows. Still fuming after a defeat to Yano one night prior, the big LG chased Yano backstage leaving Anderson alone. 

The Machinegun would take a Prima Nocta from Finlay leading to a Slinglade and then High Fly Flow, granting Tanahashi victory. Declaring backstage that he would ‘go after’ Anderson’s NEVER gold, it seems a title match is an inevitability sooner rather than later as a long dormant Tanahashi and Anderson rivalry seems set to reignite.