Aussie Open advance past Death Triangle on AEW Dynamite 【NJoA】

Ospreay and Kenny Omega to lock up as United Empire meet Elite next week

The main event this week on AEW Dynamite saw first round action in the tournament to crown the first AEW Trios Champions, as United Empire’s Mark Davis, Kyle Fletcher and Will Ospreay took on the Death Triangle trio of PAC, Penta and Rey Fenix. 

Action started fast as Ospreay and Fenix’s high speed opening exchange led to a six man brawl, Death Triangle getting the upper hand and soaring with a trio of tope con giro dives. With damage still lingering from his G1 Climax 32 final clash, Ospreay would be trapped in the Death Triangle corner before a well timed trip by Davis on Fenix let Ospreay create space. Landing a Sky Twister Press to Penta and PAC to prevent interference, Ospreay was launched by the STRONG Tag Champions into Fenix. 

Now with the masked man in the United Empire corner, Aussie Open took control until a spectacular double armdrag brought Penta in. The match growing ever more chaotic, Ospreay hit the ring with a handspring overhead kick, and Aussie Open got two on a double team to Penta; as both teams brawled to the floor, Penta was left to be tortured by the powerhouse Davis.

The match was once again in United Empire hands until Penta was able to find a kick to the face that set up a hotly anticipated confrontation between the IWGP United States Champion and PAC. Ospreay was the victim of a pair of brutal German suplexes, but brought a double poison rana to Fenix and Penta as Pac did the same to Aussie Open. 

A thrilling exchange between the two Britons ended with Ospreay scoring with OsCutter on PAC. As Aussie Open continued to brawl with the Lucha Brothers on the outside, PAC found a top rope brainbuster on Ospreay; despite the Commonwealth Kingpin landing on his feet from a top rope Frankensteiner from Fenix, he soon found himself in position to receive PAC’s Black Arrow. Still Ospreay got the knees up for a near two and went for Stormbreaker, but this was countered by a hurricanrana for another nearfall.

Fletcher would save Ospreay from Black Arrow again, but as the partners went to recover outside, PAC landed a quebrada to the outside. There though, the AEW All Atlantic Champion was met by Kip Sabian, who laid PAC out on the floor out of sight of the referee. Fenix was left alone in ring, and fell to a triple team OsCutter to send United Empire through to the next round. 

Next week on AEW Dynamite, United Empire will face the Elite side of Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega. With a lot of tension building between Omega and Ospreay, it’ll be an unmissable event next week on TBS!