Extra Matches Set for Declaration of Power!

KOPW 2022, Ishimori and KUSHIDA, and a big homecoming set for Ryogoku October 10




More matches have been added to an increasingly loaded card in Ryogoku Sumo Hall on October 10 for Declaration of Power. 

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Added after the events of Burning Spirit in Kobe, the KOPW 2022 trophy will be on the line when El Phantasmo challenges Shingo Takagi. While KOPW matches usually involve a fan vote for the stipulation, here both participants have agreed to a unique ‘Who’s Your Daddy Match’. 

Ever since Phantasmo pinned Shingo in the G1 Climax, ELP has been declaring loud and long that he is Takagi’s daddy. Shingo took distinct umbridge all the way through the Burning Spirit tour, but that tour ended in Kobe with a Ground Cobra pinfall for Shingo over his tormentor. As the two confronted one another backstage, the Who’s Your Daddy Match was hatched. 

The Who’s Your Daddy Match will be contested under regular rules, but the stipulation concerns what happens after the result. The loser must take the microphone and concede to the viewing public and the winner ‘you are my daddy’. With not just the KOPW trophy, but immense personal pride on the line, who will be victorious in Ryogoku?

Taiji Ishimori has been maintaining the BULLET CLUB tradition of humiliating his opposition when it comes to his attitude with KUSHIDA. When the Timesplitter returned to New Japan Pro-Wrestling and requested a title opportunity, Ishimori flatly declined, saying instead that KUSHIDA had to prove himself worthy of a shot at the gold. Ever since, and despite impressive performances in the US and Japan, including a direct pinfall over the Bone Soldier in the Nippon Budokan back at the G1 finals, Ishimori has still denied KUSHIDA his title shot, and the would-be-challenger’s bout with hand, foot and mouth disease prevented KUSHIDA from making a key statement at the end of the previous tour. 

Now Ishimori has granted KUSHIDA one final test, in the form of a non-title singles match. Should KUSHIDA win, there is no doubt that he will deserve a chance at Ishimori again for the gold, but if it’s the champion that’s victorious, what will be next for both KUSHIDA and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship itself?

Also official for Declaration of Power is Ren Narita’s Homecoming Match! Three years ago, Narita went on excursion to the LA Dojo, and since became a staple on NJPW STRONG. After a 2022 that started with an exhibition against Katsuyori Shibata in the Tokyo Dome, and continued in spectacular form against high profile opponents on NJPW STRONG, Narita is now set to make his official return to Japanese rings full time. Just who will be his first opponent back in Japan? Stay tuned for more information!

With JONAH’s special singles match with Kazuchika Okada, and Jay White vs Tama Tonga for the IWGP World heavyweight Championship already signed for Ryogoku, it’s set to be a loaded night in Sumo Hall! Watch all the action with live ringside English coverage on NJPW World!