More Matches Set for Historic X-Over!

Great Muta’s last NJPW match, the IWGP Women’s Championship and more official



More matches have been made official for Historic X-Over Sunday November 20 in Ariake Arena, as an increasingly loaded lineup hits pay per view!

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After a pair of thrilling semifinal matches at STARDOM’s Tachikawa card on October 23, the final to crown the first ever IWGP Women’s Champion has been determined, and is official for Historic X-Over on November 20. 

Advancing past Utami Hayashishita, Mayu Iwatani will take on KAIRI, who defeated the Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert to take her own place in the final. Two women will be making IWGP, NJPW and STARDOM history in Ariake Arena, a position to which they are well accustomed. Along with Io Shirai, two of the ‘Three Daughters of STARDOM’ are responsible for setting the group on the path to worldwide acclaim it has earned. While KAIRI underwent a successful run in WWE, Iwatani’s status as the Icon of STARDOM would be cemented, both domestically and overseas in Madison Square Garden. Now, a five year gap will see a half decade of evolution for two of the very best female wrestlers on the planet November 20!

Fans were left stunned on October 26 in Korakuen Hall when the lights went out during Great-O-Khan’s NJPW World TV Championship tournament match with Toru Yano. When they came back up, the legendary and mysterious visage of Great Muta was outside the ring. Muta sprayed O-Khan with poison mist, just as he had done to the Dominator in Pro-Wrestling NOAH some months before; as Yano took the easy victory, a handshake between Muta and Yano rekindled a relationship that last saw the duo face Suzuki-Gun back at Wrestle Kingdom 8. 

Backstage, Muta declared that he was ‘hungry,’ and wanted to ‘kill’ O-Khan, delcaring that he would team with Yano and Kazuchika Okada in Ariake. As Keiji Muto and his Great Muta alter-ego both retire in 2023, Muta’s last New Japan Pro-Wrestling match will see a wild six man affair, and a chance for the united Empire to claim one of their biggest ever victories.


Plus, six woman action will see Donna Del Mondo and Queen’s Quest continue factional warfare in Ariake. The returning Thekla teams with Himeka and Mai Sakurai to face Lady C, AZM and Saya Kamitani. Kamitani and AZM have both spent the best part of a year as champions in the Wonder of STARDOM and High Speed ranks respectively, and will be especial targets as DDM seek to assert dominance. Also official, a STARDOM Ranbo will see a parade of the best in STARDOM compete in over the top rope action before Historic X-Over proper. With three big mixed tag matches already announced, it’s going to be an immense and historic night in the brand new Ariake Arena!