Black Desire, DOUKI/Despe talk future plans in Historic X-Conference

Some unique discussion ahead of a unique eight person bout. 

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The Historic X-Over Press Conference on November 8 saw the eight participants in the eight person mixed tag match on November 20 in Ariake Coliseum deliver their comments. First would be the OedoTai and Suzuki-Gun combination of El Desperado and DOUKI, together with the Black Desire tag team, Momo Watanabe and Starlight Kid. 

Momo Watanabe (Momo): Who are our opponents again? MelTear? Again? 

Starlight Kid (SLK): MelTear and ‘MaruTear’.

Momo: So we have to face MelTear three times in a row. It’s a bit much. 

SLK: Hm. Well, the main event of this show is the IWGP Women’s Championship match, but this is a NJPW and STARDOM crossover event right? So the matches that really stand out are these mixed tags. And we’re the only eight person tag. I finally get to team with Despe, and Momo with DOUKI. That’s a hell of a match.

Momo: And who do MelTear have? Taichi and Kanemaru? 

SLK: We’ll crush MelTear. That’s pretty obvious. We lost our title match recently, but we’ll even the score in our (Godesses Tag) League match this week. That’s not an issue. We plan on picking a fight with Taichi and Kanemaru. 

Momo: I’ve seen Taichi’s kicks. I like to kick too. I won’t lose out to his crappy strikes. He’ll find out how a real woman kicks. 

SLK: And I think I’ll target Kanemaru’s knees. 

Desperado: In that case, we have to target Tam and Momo…

DOUKI Not Momo, she’s on our side!

Desperado: Ah, sorry, this is the first time I’ve been nervous on one of these for a while. Usually the camera rolls and I just talk nonsense on my own. Now I can’t control the pace here. Anyway, if the girls are going for the guys on the other side, then we’ll go after the girls. 

SLK: That sounds like fun!

Desperado: But the rules say…

DOUKI: Eh, who cares.

SLK: I couldn’t care less. Are there rules?

Desperado: There’s definitely rules!

SLK: Don’t see the issue there.

Desperado: Well, if it’s against the rules, then it isn’t cheating if the referee doesn’t see. So with that in mind, I think the rules are there to make us use our heads a bit. It’s a bit like in Mexico with the minis. I’ve seen men, women, minis and exoticos in an eight person tag over there. 

DOUKI: And it’s awesome. 

Desperado: So I don’t really see why the rules are there but if the rules are the rules, I’ll follow them… when the referee is watching. 

Anyways, on the same day as all this, Sendai Joshi is running in the afternoon in Korakuen. They have (Dash) Chisako and Isami (Kodaka) facing Asuka and (Jun) Kasai in a hardcore mixed tag. That will rule. I might go before Ariake, and some of that might get in my head before our match. Joking aside, with those four, this is going to be something nobody’s ever seen. Maybe I might like different rules better, but I’ll head in with them as they are and we’ll do something great. Anything you want to say?

DOUKI: Now? To be honest I never thought I would be put in this match. (Desperado and Kid) are the obvious team, and me and Watanabe are added in here now. But I think there’ll be a lot of eyes from all over the world on this match and this card, and this is definitely a chance to really stand out. 

SLK: I’m looking forward to seeing DOUKI and Momo.

Momo: We both like to bring pipes to the ring…

SLK: So with all that said, from the entrances through the match itself, we’ll show everyone something only we can. 

–Do you think that there might be more from a Desperado and SLK tag team in the future?

Desperado: I do want to do more. No disrespect to DOUKI and Momo, but I thought this would be a straight tag at first. But I don’t think that this is a one and done for the four of us, and I think there’s more that me and Kid can do. This is just the start.  On the other side are opponents that Momo and Kid have torn into for ages, but for us…

SLK: Teammates?

Desperado: Hm, teammates, yeah, but I don’t have a problem with fighting them. It’s just that it’s a hard sell, I think. Some time I’d like to see Rina Yamashita and Minoru Fujita vs Starlight Kid and El Desperado. 

SLK: That would be something. I’d like to face Yamashita. 

Desperado: She showed up in STARDOM recently, right?

SLK: Momo wrestled her.

Momo: I did, she’s fun.

SLK: I was the ringside, and we did exchange a look. I think I’m on her radar.  

Desperado: GCW can book it. Did we answer the question?

SLK: Like Despe said, I don’t think this is the end, it’s a start. We’re both mixed wrestlers, we both represent different companies as masked wrestlers, and I think that after this match there’ll be a lot more things that I want us to do. For now, I want to enjoy this eight person.

After one last plug for the special Starlight Kid and El Desperado collab Tshirt, the team left the press conference.