TAMASHII hits a hot crowd in Sydney!

Second TAMASHII event sells out Liberty Hall

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Photography: New Photography Studios

A packed sellout crowd in Sydney’s Liberty hall saw the second NJPW TAMASHII event on November 13, with the best of the local PWA promotion combining with New Zealand Dojo prospects and familiar NJPW names. 

It was a mixed start to the night for the aforementioned NZ Dojo prospects. The first match of the evening would see Jordan Allen Wright in an impressive display, gaining victory over PWA regular Mat Diamond with a Boston Crab. 

Richard Mulu and Jake Taylor were rather less fortunate opposite the ‘SMS’ side of Unsocial Jordan and Aaron Jake. The crowd were wholly behind the NZ Dojo duo, and Mulu in particular, but it would be a roll-up and both feet on the ropes that led to an SMS victory, much to the crowd’s chagrin. 

The Sydney faithful were also displeased at BULLET CLUB’s six man victory over Mat Rogers and home favourite tag team the Velocities. New BULLET CLUB member Jack Bonza’s Rogue Stretch was enough to finish off Paris De Silva as Liberty hall voiced their displeasure at Bonza’s newfound love of some underhanded tactics. 

The crowd would come alive for PWA stalwart and former double IWGP Champion Robbie Eagles however. As he prepared to team with tiger Mask in the upcoming Super Jr. Tag League, he faced Carter Deams in singles action, the Ron Miller Special securing an impressive win. 

At the top end of the card though, the PWA side would find tough international competition. Aaron Solo, two days removed from a hard fought loss against taiji Ishimori in New Zealand, managed to pick up a victory over Lyrebird Luchi, while New Zealand Dojo’s Michael Richards came away with arguably the most impressive win of his young career, teaming with Andrew Villalobos and landing a Fishmerman’s Buster to defeat crowd favourite Caveman Ugg along with Ricky South. 

The main event would see PWA’s Mick Moretti in a big spot against big time competition in IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori. Moretti brought the fight to the champion in the 10m 37s main event, but Ishimori was not to be denied, and tapped out Moretti with the Bone Lock. 

Yet it would be Robbie Eagles taking the microphone to send the Sydney crowd home. Congratulating Ishimori in victory, Eagles said that if Ishimori kept the IWGP Junior gold after the Tokyo Dome ‘you should let me challenge right here in Sydney’. the delighted Australian crowd might just be shifting their support to Ishimori despite Moretti’s loss if it means such a turn of events comes to pass in the future.