Muta’s last match ends with Okada win in Ariake

Great Muta bids farewell to NJPW

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Ariake Arena saw the last match for the Great Muta in an NJPW ring at Historic X-Over, teaming with kazuchika Okada and Toru Yano to face Great-O-Khan, Jeff Cobb and Aaron Henare of the United Empire. 

After O-Khan was sprayed with poisonous green mist by Muta twice in recent months, the Dominator wanted his shot at the demonic legend, and ducked Muta’s mist to take his opponent down early. Though Muta would regain the advantage on the floor for a brief period, it was United Empire in the driver’s seat. With Cobb mocking Muta’s mist as he worked over Yano, it was only a matter of time before the mythical beast himself got back into the ring, delivering Dragon Screws before a blocked Shining Wizard led to O-Khan applying a painful knee claw. 

Okada would be at Muta’s aid, but an attempt at triple teams were stopped first by Yano and then Muta. Cobb would hold Muta back for O-Khan to deliver his own green mist, but the legend ducked, the mist blinding Cobb instead. Muta would serve the even more agonizing red mist to the eyes of O-Khan, leading to a Shining Wizard on Henare and then the Rainmaker from Okada.

With one more Shining Wizard on O-Khan, Muta put one last exclamation point on a legendary and much feared NJPW career.