Shingo, Taichi present KOPW rules!

Voting to begin at 9PM JST

Tuesday November 29 saw Taichi leverage his YouTube channel to present rules for himself and Shingo Takagi’s KOPW 2022 match on December 19 in Yoyogi, TAKA Michinoku and Taichi marking a joint 50 years in the wrestling business. 

Taichi was forced to read YouTube comments to start the broadcast, with Shingo Takagi fashionably late. Once the KOPW 2022 holder finally arrived, and after some considerable chiding, the Holy Emperor finally presented his rules. 

Explaining that watching the World Cup had inspired him in discovering ‘true sporting competition is about managing the clock’, Taichi brought forth a 30 Minute High Score Match. In the 30 minute bout, every referee count, from rope breaks and illegal actions, through ringouts and pinfalls, will count toward a point total, with the most points after 30 minutes winning. 

Taichi would respond with a Takagi-Style Lumberjack Last Man Standing Match. Lumberjacks will be around ringside to ensure that the action is kept in the ring in contrast to recent tag meetings. Meanwhile, victory is only obtained when a pinfall is followed by a 10 count KO, a la a classic Texas Deathmatch. Shingo suggested that this way ‘there will be no flukes, and something decisive will win the match’, while also promising that LIJ members both on the card (like Hiromu Takahashi, who will face TAKA Michinoku in a challenge to escape the Unnamed Hiromu Roll) and off it, like Tetsuya Naito and SANADA will ‘probably be lumberjacks’. Unable to go far without complaint aimed at the KOPW holder, Taichi suggested that Shingo was pandering by using Tetsuya Naito as a draw, claims that Takagi shrugged off. 

Takagi went on to show off his newly DIY remodeled KOPW trophy. Though Taichi suggested that its central column was merely a toilet roll, the trophy in fact looks more sturdy than ever before; the two combatants will fight it out under one of these two rules on December 19 with voting running from 9PM JST Tuesday November 29 for three days. 

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