Bishamon bring home World Tag League trophies in Sendai

Goto takes fourth WTL, YOSHI-HASHI second; Bishamon go back to back

The 2022 World tag League finals in Sendai December 14 saw the Bishamon team of Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI look to win back to back trophies as they sought to avenge a mid league loss to opponents Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher, Aussie Open. 

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Not waiting for the bell, all four men began exchanging forearms with Aussie Open coming out on top, a kick to the chest from Fletcher and huge senton from Davis earning an early two count. Goto denied Dental Plan and the follow up lariat provided some much needed respite and a tag to YOSHI-HASHI, who immediately began to light up Davis’ chest with chops and a neckbreaker. Quick fire teamwork in Aussie Open’s favour allowed them to hit Dental Plan on Goto at the second time of asking and further offence put Davis in the prime position against YOSHI-HASHI, revenge quickly provided with a thunderous chop. 

A series of body slams from Fletcher earned another two count, and the large Davis would hit his own series of chop-lariat combos in the corner on a struggling YOSHI-HASHI. A spinning kick to the gut weakened Fletcher and a missed senton damaged Davis, allowing YOSHI-HASHI to hit a desperate brainbuster and tag Goto. An Ushigoroshi on Fletcher had Bishamon in control for the first time in a long time and Goto capitalised with a sickening vertical drop brainbuster of his own. With the action spilling to the outside Aussie Open regained the advantage, hitting their signature offence; bashing their opponents back-to-back, slamming them into the unforgiving ring apron and finally onto the hard floor. Their opponents hurting, Aussie Open took the opportunity to take the ring announcers table and set it ominously in front of the ring.

A Coriolis attempt from the ring through the table was denied by Goto, who suffered at the hands of Davis for his actions by being thrust through the barricades. With the action back in the ring, Davis took control of YOSHI-HASHI as Fletcher hit a stunning top rope moonsault to Goto on the outside. With Goto temporarily out of action, Aussie Open’s assisted spinebuster earned another nearfall, but when it came time for Corealis Goto was once again there to make the save. In one of the most memorable moments of a World Tag League final, Goto would capture Fletcher in the ropes and hit perhaps his most devastating GTR ever, dropping his opponent from the apron and through the table on the floor!

The action now down from four men to two, Davis attempted to chop the spirit out of YOSHI-HASHI but quickly found out that YOSHI-HASHI’s fighting spirit cannot be extinguished easily, Davis falling victim to Headhunter and a thunderous lariat. Goto back in the ring, the Bishamon pair hit Violent Flash and followed up with Shoto, when somehow the broken Fletcher made a last ditch save to stop the pinfall at just two. On pure instinct, Fletcher managed to put Goto and YOSHI-HASHI on the mat, affording his tag partner Davis some much needed recovery time. Unique Aussie Open offence sent YOSHI-HASHI for a ride but only for another two count, to the delight of the audience unable to keep themselves quiet. 

The double sided lariat seemed to strike the defiance out of YOSHI-HASHI, but a Canadian Destroyer response sent Davis out of the ring and a roll up on Fletcher almost picked up the win for Bishamon. Another Shoto attempt was this time stopped by the returning Davis, a brief war of lariats with Goto ending in favour of the larger Australian man. YOSHI-HASHI’s dragon suplex on Davis left Fletcher fighting alone, but despite his resilience he fell victim to Shoto and, calling back to their World Tag League victory last year, Bishamon hit Naraku to secure the three count and become back-to-back World Tag League winners.

Post match, YOSHI-HASHI summoned YOH and Lio Rush for a ‘historic’ CHAOS trademark ‘Zanmai’ celebration before both teams turned their focus to winning their respective tag gold at Wrestle Kingdom.