Double CHAOS conference sees triumphant team talk 【WK17】

One press conference turns to two as CHAOS celebrate

At the Wrestle Kingdom 17 press conference on December 15, fans and press were due to hear from first Super Junior Tag League winners YOH and Lio Rush, before World Tag League winners Bishamon were set to take the microphone. As it happened both teams would double up, but things started according to the run sheet with YOH and Lio:

YOH: I was really inspired by my new partner during this tournament. A theme I wanted to have for myself was one of enjoying wrestling to its fullest, and I really feel like I was able to do that. The results from there speak for themselves.

I’ve won Super Junior Tag League four times now, but I really feel like this win feels the most gratifying. The question is now how to bring that forth into the Tokyo Dome, and I think we can keep moving forward.

Lio: Junior Tag League was only the beginning, and that fact alone is a dangerous thing. We came into this tournament as an unlikely team to win because of our lack of experience as a team, but we found a way to win. We found a way to bond in ways that we didn’t even think was possible. But we did it, we accomplished the impossible. 

When I say this was just the beginning, I mean this was just trial and error, this was just a learning experience for the both of us, but we came out on top. So just imagine, please take a second and just imagine. This was practice for us, practice for Wrestle Kingdom. It was practice to see if we can win the big one, and we will. 

YOH: Like he said, it’s only the beginning for myself and Lio. Our opponents TJP and Francesco, they’re technicians and they’re magicians at the same time.  But I think the momentum we have is able to beat them. I’m confident we can take the belts, that we’ll be stronger, continue to evolve and be a team for you both to keep your eyes on. 

At this, YOH went to leave the presser, but Rush elected to stay behind. As Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI joined the room, YOH returned to his CHAOS mates, Hirooki Goto and YOSHI-HASHI being given the floor. 

Goto: Even though we weren’t at a cheering event yesterday, we definitely felt the crowd heat, and your support gave us even more energy than usual. Thank you.

YOSHI-HASHI: So we were able to win these trophies back to back. I really feel like we had the crowd on our side. What I was surprised about is that the crowd didn’t leave as soon as the match was over. they stayed behind, saw us give that ‘Zanmai’ celebration, and I was so happy for that to happen. 

Goto: I think I need to say I’m grateful to the company for putting this match (with FTR) together at the Tokyo Dome. I’m thankful, but what I need to do is make sure we take those titles back to Japan. 

YOSHI-HASHI: Winning tag league is very important, but winning the league and not following up by taking the tag titles would make that feat incomplete. I absolutely think we have to win in the Tokyo Dome. 

After some encouragement from YOH, the four had one more special CHAOS style ‘Zanmai’ to end the presser, as eyes turn to Wrestle Kingdom.