Fantasticamania Night 5 (February 27) Preview

First of two nights in Korakuen to close the tour



After a series of thrilling dates across western Japan, and a trip to Chiba on February 26, the Fantasticamania tour comes to its last stop of Korakuen Hall to close the last two dates of the month. It’s a loaded lineup in a sold out Hall tonight, with title action headlining, FREE for all on NJPW World!

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Main event: CMLL World Welterweight Championship- Titan vs Soberano Jr.

Singles record: 5-1 Titan

A championship match for CMLL’s World Welterweight Championship will see Titan defend against Soberano Jr. in our main event. All the way back in December 2019, it was Soberano Jr that Titan defeated for the Welterweight gold, and he’s held the title ever since, a 1177 day reign now the longest in the title’s thirty year history. 

That dominant record for Titan extends to their one on one encounters, where the LIJ member is 5-1 against Soberano. There is precedent for CMLL Middleweight gold to change hands in Japan, with three of 35 new champions crowned in the country, and even one in Korakuen Hall- appropriately enough when Titan’s partner BUSHI took the title from mascara Dorada in December 2015. Might Soberano Jr. redress the balance against Titan and take the title for a second time?

6th Match: Volador Jr. vs Templario

Singles record: 2-1 Volador Jr.

A special singles match sees Volador Jr. take on Templario. Perhaps CMLL’s most athletically gifted tecnico and rudo respectively, this fourth singles meeting between the two is off the back of battles over the World Historic Middleweight Championship back in 2020- a title that is now in the hands of Rocky Romero. As a four way hair match is on the cards for the Skywalker, he can’t afford to take his attention from the ever dangerous Templario tonight in Korakuen. 

5th Match: Relevos Increibles- Dulce Gardenia, Magia Blanca & Mistico vs Hechicero, OKUMURA & Atlantis Jr. 

Trios relevos increibles action will see Atlantis Jr. with rudo partners in Hechicero and OKUMURA to face Dulce Gardenia, Mistico and Magia Blanca. Mistico and Atlantis Jr. will battle in the main event of Tuesday’s tour closing card, making for a key preview tonight, as Korakuen will doubtless pay a warm welcome to a favourite visting son in the iconic Mistico.

4th Match: Relevos Increibles- Ryusuke Taguchi, El Desperado & Barbaro Cavernario vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi)

More relevos increibles action will put rudo Barbaro Cavernario with El Desperado and Ryusuke Taguchi, though the unpredictable caveman will draw the most positive of crowd reactions from Korakuen Hall on each of his appearances. In the opposite corner, Tetsuya Naito, now one week removed from retiring Keiji Muto in the Tokyo Dome, wants to build momentum for his first New Japan Cup match coming up Sunday march 5 against El Phantasmo, while the other juniors here are looking to make a big splash on Wednesday’s grand All Star Jr. Festival.

3rd Match: Challenge Match- Captain Suicida vs Ultimo Guerrero

Special challenge match singles action sees the rising star of Captain Suicida come face to face with the ‘Big Boss’ Ultimo Guerrero. The chance for Suicida to instantly rocket himself to the top of the card with super ‘sonic’ speed is evident, but Ultimo Guerrero has proven to be a formidable and powerful force through the tour to date. Who emerges with the W?

2nd Match: Master Wato & Tiger Mask vs Hijo Del Villano III & Gedo

 With Tiger Mask facing Hijo Del Villano III in Korakuen on February 28 in singles action, continuing a long history for the two masked lineages, the veteran pairs with Master Wato, while HDV3 teams with Gedo for the evening. Who will make the bigger final statement before the tour closer?

1st Match: Kosei Fujita & Rey Cometa vs Just Two Guys (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI)

Kicking off the evening, Kosei Fujita will team with Rey Cometa against just a couple of guys in Yoshinobu Kanemaru and DOUKI. With All Star Jr. Festival around the corner, Kanemaru and DOUKI want to set a strong pace early as Korakuen action gets underway.