Uneasy Guerrero/Atlantis alliance takes interfaction tourney win

Atlantis Jr., Ultimo Guerrero take the mini tag tournament victory

Sunday February 26 saw the fourth night of the CMLL Fantasticamania tour, and the finals of the Interfactional Tag Team tournament, Titan and BUSHI of Los Ingobernables De Japon facing the Los Guerreros Increíbles de la Atlántida side of Atlantis Jr. and Ultimo Guerrero.

Watch the replay now!

Titan would start with Guerrero, eliciting a ‘Titan’ chant in the face of the Big Boss’ own plays to the crowd, but being taken down fast with a vicious armbreaker. A rolling Romero Special would follow, but Titan would escape and use his own version of the hold; the two would trade Romero Specials in ever more extreme angles, before Atlantis Jr. and BUSHI hit the ring for an equally evenly matched, but more high paced exchange. 

BUSHI would seem to gain the upper hand, but was stopped from making a tope suicida dive when Guerrero tugged on BUSHI’s heels. As the Los Guerreros side took advantage, Titan too would fall victim to sneaky and sustained offence until a BUSHI tijeras from the second rope brought El Inmortal in with a vengeance. High speed acrobatics saw Guerrero out to the floor and LIJ in control; BUSHI pushed the advantage with a tope suicida that sent Atlantis into the front row. 

The ungovernable tandem wanted to set up for Angel Inmortal, and though Ultimo Guerrero resisted the attempt, he would be dropped with a Death Valley Bomb by Titan all the same. Titan set Guerrero on the top rope with big plans for big offence in mind, but would instead be dropped with a massive front suplex; a second try for Titan would be turned into an almighty top rope powerbomb to compound El Inmortal’s woes. 

Titan’s will to win kept him in the bout, and kept him firing chops at Ultimo before finally landing a dropkick to create a tope con giro chance. BUSHI looked to capitalize on that momentum, and though Atlantis fired off a pair of backbreakers, a splash from the famous second generation star only found the pure cerulean blue of empty canvas. A second attempt at the move would land though, and Los Guerreros Increíbles de la Atlántida took home the tag tournament victory.