Titan retains Welterweight gold after Korakuen War

Longest reigning Welterweight Champion extends his run over Soberano Jr.

The main event of night five on the Fantasticamania tour February 27 saw Titan defending CMLL World Welterweight Championship gold against Soberano Jr. 

Watch the replay now!

In keeping with tradition, the Mexican national anthem played before before challenger and then champion headed to the ring. When the bell rang though, Titan didn’t stand on ceremony, and launched himself with a tope suicida on Soberano before looking for three in the ring. As the challenger recovered, both men had charging corner attacks blocked before Soberano hit a dropkick to send Titan to the outside, where he was met with a Fosbury Flop. A tornillo followed up inside for Soberano, getting two, as the Korakuen Hall faithful cheered along to the high paced action. 

On the back foot, Titan responded with a high impact head scissors into a pinning combination for two, but the challenger would answer with a biting chop before countering the champion’s signature step up DDT with a brainbuster. Titan would fight his way back into the match with strikes, and low bridged a lariat from Soberano, before landing an impressive back kick, both men crashing to the canvas and rolling to the apron. There Titan was dropped headfirst by Soberano, who quickly earned a receipt in the form of a body scissors to the outside and a top rope quebrada to the delight of the crowd, but a sure fire coup de grace of a double stomp from the top to the outside only found empty matting, Titan’s legs buckling as he screamed in pain. 

Soberano now had his target, and tortured the knees of the champion, punctuating his attack with a crunching knee to the jaw. Titan laboured in a painful kneebar, eventually pulling himself to his feet to hit his rope spring DDT and gutting through the pain to hit a double stomp. Having sacrificed his own leg Titan targeted Soberano’s, placing his challenger in a Llave Inmortal to bring about a fast submission and retain the title.