ZSJ adds to World TV reign in Ring of Honor 【NJoA】

Sabre’s US sojourn continues with another success

The first edition of a new series of Ring of Honor Wrestling on Honor Club saw Zack Sabre Jr. defend the NJPW World TV Championship against ‘All heart’ Blake Christian. 

A rapid exchange of holds would start the contest. Christian created distance with a wrist lock take down, but Sabre quickly closed it again, going to the arm and punishing his challenger. With his arm in pain, Christian would use his feet to his advantage, and an athletic escape combined with a shotgun dropkick would send the champion to the floor.

Christian would look for a Fosbury Flop to the floor, but would be caught with a perfectly timed cravate. With the time to call out Bryan Danielson on camera, ZSJ was full of confidence as he kept the hold on his challenger, but an incredible escape from a snapmare would set All heart for a springboard cross body, giving him enough time to get air in his lungs and energy from the crowd. 

Christian dropped Sabre with an Alabama Slam and a slingshot into the corner, the challenger following with a German suplex for a near two. Needing to slow Christian, Sabre found a front chancerie and suplex, and now back in charge, rocked his foe with European uppercuts. 

Again though, Christian’s athleticism came to his aid, and a spear on the apron was followed by the Fosbury Flop on a second attempt. A knee rocked the champion, but an agonising submission receipt was in wait. Christian would make the ropes, and came within a heartbeat of the gold with a Spanish Fly, before a brainbuster gave him anouther near two, but ZSJ had the ultimate answer. With three minutes left in the match, a Christian springboard 450 was caught with a brutal triangle variant that gave Sabre the win and retention. 

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