BULLET CLUB gets a Rebel boost as David Finlay Gedo’s new pick

Gedo shifts from Jay White to Switchblade’s former friend

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As NJPW celebrated its 51st Anniversary March 6, many eyes were on the first round New Japan Cup bout between David Finlay and Tomohiro Ishii. After Finlay blasted Jay White from behind after the Seitchblade lost his loser leaves NJPW match with Eddie Kingston at Battle in the Valley, speculation was rife about what attitude the Rebel would bring to the ring, and the answer was a shocking one.

Finlay’s entrance video would reveal a ‘Rebel Club’ insignia before Finlay entered with Gedo. The Blacksmith, now with Switchblade Era behind him had hitched his wagon to Jay White’s one time friend, as Finlay made a good start on his promise to take everything that White once had.

That would include a win over Tomohiro Ishii that had proven so elusive in Jay White’s NJPW career. While Finlay found out first hand just how difficult a task that is, victory was ultimately Finlay’s, and cleanly without Gedo’s direct involvement nor the shillelaghs that lay in his corner throughout the bout untouched. As both Gedo and Finlay himself clearly established, BULLET CLUB is only going from strength to strength in the wake of Jay White’s departure, and only time will tell what Finlay has in store for NJPW, starting with the rest of the New Japan Cup.