On use of masks for Japanese event attendees

Thank you for supporting New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

We are extremely grateful to international fans for being part of our events, especially since entry restrictions into Japan were lifted last October, and are particularly grateful for visitors’ adherence to rules and guidelines at NJPW events.

Starting Monday March 13, Japanese government guidance on the use of masks has changed to state that in principle, individual judgement is advised. However, guidance to businesses states that companies may requests masks to be used as a COVID countermeasure or for other reasons.

At New Japan Pro-Wrestling, we feel that pro-wrestling is best enjoyed with vocal support, and have mad it a priority to make vocal cheering a matter of course at all events in 2023. With that desire in mind, we have worked hard alongside local municipalities, individual venues, and fans to hold 100% capacity cheering events across the country. That said, there are a fraction of venues that still require restrictions be kept in place. There are also a large number of new fans, who have only started supporting NJPW during the pandemic. While the vast majority of fans are excited to have vocal cheering back at our events, we understand that there are a number of prospective attendees who may feel uncomfortable with a sudden and dramatic change to how events are held. 

During this transitional phase for both New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Japan itself, we are especially cognizant of the wide diversity of fans of different backgrounds, origins and philosophies. As a result, in order to allow the maximum number of fans possible to attend, fully enjoy, and vocally support the action at NJPW events, we will continue to ask attendees to wear masks at NJPW events for the time being

In May, COVID-19 is set to be reclassified under the Japanese Infectious Disease Act; with that reclassification as well as circumstances in society at large, as well as the thoughts and opinions of fans in mind, our COVID-19 policies and procedures will be reviewed in future. 

Thank you for your support, understanding and co-operation. 

MHLW (Japanese government) COVID-19 advice (English)