Jeff Cobb pushes Omega hard in US challenge

Imperial Unit makes Dynamite challenge

Wednesday march 30 saw AEW Dynamite hit St. Louis Missouri, and the Imperial Unit Jeff Cobb challenging IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega. 

Cobb headed to the ring alone, as did Kenny Omega, regular second Don Callis the victim of a backstage attack from the Blackpool Combat Club immediately before the bout took place. Omega, ribs taped after an ntense bout with Vikingo a week prior, was muscled into the ropes by his challenger, who did not move in the face of tackle and body slam attempts, but landed a snap head scissors before a tope con giro to gain the advantage. 

A Kintaro Crusher followed for Omega on the ring, but the champion didn’t have the core strength to follow up, and was punished with a vicious brainbuster. Now Cobb was in full control, surfing on the challenger, who was forced from the ring with clear difficulty breathing; even there he had no reprieve as the Imperial Unit drover Omega into the ringside barricades and ring post. 

 Omega would mount some offense with strikes, but couldn’t make a dent on his challenger who caught the Best Bout Machine with a bearhug center ring. Cobb was relentless and dominant, bouncing back despite a hard knee strike from the champion with a dropkick counter to the V-Trigger, but a volley of Snapdragon suplexes finally saw Omega rally as the St. Louis crowd got behind him. 

After Cobb rocked his foe with a hard lariat, the two found their feet and reset, throwing bombs center ring before Cobb changed levels, crushing Omega in the corner. Setting the champion up on the top rope, the United Empire representative landed a massive delayed vertical suplex from the second rope, and followed with a standing moonsault for a very near two. 

Gaining in confidence, Cobb wanted to use Omega’s own knee strike, and did so, connecting with the J-C-Trigger. A Cobb version of the One Winged Angel proved too ambitious though. Omega fired back with a ripcord knee, and then muscled Cobb up for the One Winged Angel for three.

 Post match, the Blackpool Combat Club circled the ring and looked to assault the US Champion, only to be called off by Bryan Danielson; moments later though Danielson would strike Omega with the Busaiku Knee, joining his team mates in a vicious attack. Just what are the American Dragon’s designs on Omega or the US gold?