Best of the Super Jr. 30 cards revealed!

12 loaded lineups, semi finals in Yoyogi, finals set for Ota

May 3 at Wrestling Dontaku, the cards were revealed for Best of the Super Jr. 30, which is set to get underway May 12, running to the final on the 28th in Ota. This year, the intense 12 date tour will be all the more grueling and gripping, as league cards up until block finals will see both blocks compete in ten singles matches per night. After Osaka sees block finals, Yoyogi on May 26 will play host to semifinals, the first time since 2014 that a semifinal format will see the top two point scorers advance. Then on May 28, the Best of the Super Jr. finals will see the 30th BOSJ crowned, and the culmination of a tournament to shake the soul!

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The tour kicks off May 12 in Korakuen! Mike Bailey vs Hiromu Takahashi sees an A Block main event! El Desperado vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru headlines B Block matchups!

Night 2 in Nagano, B Block is on top with YOH vs Master Wato! Hiromu Takahashi vs DOUKI top of the A Block matches!

The next night, May 14 in Nagoya! A rematch from the New Japan Cup finals sees Lio Rush vs Hiromu Takahashi in the main event! El Desperado vs Master Wato is the B Block headline match!

After one night off, May 16 sees A Block headline in Akita, with Lio Rush vs Taiji Ishimori! Master Wato vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru top of the B Block bouts!

Sendai Sun Plaza sees hometown boy YOH top the card with El Desperado the next night! KUSHIDA faces Taiji Ishimori from A Block!

Master Wato main events May 18 in Iwate opposite Robbie Eagles! KUSHIDA battles Hiromu Takahashi!

May 19 in Aomori, it’s Hiromu Takahashi vs TJP in our main event! Dan Moloney faces El Desperado in the top B Block match!

After one travel day, it’s back to Korakuen May 21, as El Desperado faces Francesco Akira in the main event! Hiromu vs Ishimori is the top A Block bout!

May 23 sees the A Block finals in Osaka! Heavyweights join the undercard for the first time, while KUSHIDA vs Taguchi, Hiromu vs Titan, DOUKI vs SHO, Lio Rush vs Mike Bailey and TJP vs Taiji Ishimori will determine the block (match order determined by point standings).

Next night in Osaka, it’s the B block finals, with match order again determined by point standings. BUSHI will meet Francesco Akira, Kevin Knight takes on Master Wato, El Desperado faces Robbie Eagles, YOH will take on Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and a battle of power juniors sees Dan Moloney battle Clark Connors!

Friday May 26, BOSJ action returns to Yoyogi for the first time since the 2017 final! This time, it’s semi final action as the A Block winner takes on the B Block runner up and vice versa to determine our final match!

That final takes place on May 28 in Ota-ku! Who will win BOSJ 30, and fly the new pennant flag?