Returning Yota Tsuji tears into retaining SANADA at Dontaku

Mystery behind vignettes revealed

SANADA retained the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Dontaku May 3, but his next challenger would make himself known before the night was out as Yota Tsuji.

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After SANADA celebrated his win over Hiromu Takahashi, music was abruptly cut short by the mystery man video that had played out for weeks. That man would make his entrance, revealed to be Tsuji, who had been on excursion since 2021. Tsuji would lay out all of Just 5 Guys, ending with a spear to SANADA, before indicating his designs on the IWGP World Heavyweight title.

Tsuji would perform a familiar chest pound and raised fist before leaving, eventually making his challenge official before picking up a fallen Hiromu Takahashi and taking him away. Other members of LIJ weren’t present, and speculation quickly ran rampant, but with SANADA quick to accept Tsuji’s challenge the one certainty is our next IWGP world Heavyweight title bout.