Finlay’s Savage Celebration Stopped by ELP

Phantasmo returns to run off David Finlay

David Finlay captured NEVER Openweight gold at Dontaku May 3, after a lesson in brutality against Tama Tonga, but his celebration was cut short by the return of El Phantasmo.
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The match between David Finlay and Tama tOnga was ended in the same savage form that Finlay had himself promised. A trifecta of powerbombs on a head already damaged by a physical sling into the ring post and a drop from the top rope into the guardrail was followed by a hat trick of his Into Oblivion finisher. Finlay would take the mic afterward and promised that his was an era of killers, but would be interrupted by a masked and hooded figure.

After tossing Gedo to the floor, the figure revealed himself to be El Phantasmo. Sudden Death struck to Finlay, and though the Rebel escaped CR2, he was met by a tope con giro to the floor. Apparently indicating he would be on the ahi tai team moving forward, Phantasmo commented he had ‘no need for BULLET CLUB, but the NJPW fans needed me’, and determined to take out the group one by one, starting with Finlay.