Chris Samsa’s Main Event Metrics: BOSJ B Block

Our stats man breaks down the B Block lineup

Contrary to Best of the Super Junior 30 A Block’s depth of experience, the B Block features the other end of the spectrum with newcomers and zero previous champions. The B Block boasts just 2/3 of the Best of The Super Junior match totals that the A Block collective brings to the table, but with inexperience comes fresh energy, fresh matchups, and the ever-present element of surprise as Best of the Super Junior 30 gets rolling.

 Newcomer to The United Empire, Dan Moloney, makes his Best of the Super Junior debut alongside fellow debutant and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Kevin Knight. Both will be making their Japanese singles debuts. Francesco Akira and the newly Bullet Club-aligned Clark Connors make their second BOSJ appearances. The block isn’t all inexperienced, however. Master Wato, Robbie Eagles, and YOH round out the middle of the tenure, each participating in at least their fourth BOSJ tournament.

 Former Suzuki-Gun unit-mates Yoshinobu Kanemaru and El Desperado enter their sixth and seventh BOSJ tournaments, respectively. BUSHI enters the tournament with the most experience in the B block with eleven Best of the Super Junior tournaments and 82 BOSJ matches under his belt.

While the A Block boasts seven Best of The Super Junior championships between Hiromu Takahashi, KUSHIDA, and Ryusuke Taguchi, the B Block only features three BOSJ finals appearances between El Desperado and YOH. Can a wrestler from the B Block reach Best of The Super Junior glory, or will the experience and past success of the A Block’s roster reign supreme?

Below, you’ll find key statistics and notes for each of the wrestlers in the B Block, including their tournament history, recent singles results, and all-time Best of The Super Junior Record.

Best of the Super Junior 30 kicks off on May 12 with live English commentary, only on NJPWWorld.

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