Wato, Titan to meet in BOSJ finals

First time BOSJ final for Ota Sunday

The Best of the Super Jr. 30 final is set, as semifinal action in Yoyogi May 26 saw Master Wato and Titan advance to Ota. 

Watch the replay now!

First to advance on the night was Master Wato, who endured in a gutsy performance against Mike Bailey. In early exchanges, Wato had the upper hand, but Bailey had the upper foot with some stinging kicks that took his foe to the floor. There Wato was victim to the Isosceles Triangle quebrada, and a kick to the left arm that injured the hontai member for the rest of the match.

Wato was dominated as the match continued, Bailey landing brutal strike after strike. Speedball’s footprints would stand out in welts on Wato’s back, but he was able to land a face plant, and a neck breaker as a change up when he didn’t have the arm strength for Tsutenkaku.

Moments later, and Wato didn’t have the strength to springboard to Bailey, but he tried anyway and paid the price. Bailey punished the error with a brutal armbar; though Wato was able to transition into Vendeval, but his grip strength was again lacking. Wato was able to strike in quick flurries, a Recientememte getting two, but when Bailey buried moonsault double knees on the apron, it seemed like the end was nigh.

Bailey nailed Ultimate Weapon, but Wato incredibly kicked out at the 15 minute mark. Speedball set for Flamingo Driver to follow up but was countered into a Tombstone; Bailey instead scored kick after kick to the head of Wato, only to be met with a big shot of Wato’s own. The Tsutenkaku German followed and Wato was through.

The main event saw Titan, members of Los Ingobernables De Japan at his side, take on El Desperado. A heavy favorite in the match, Desperado used his size early on the may, met with quickness by Titan; outside thought and Desperado truly entered his element. A knee breaker was followed by some vicious brawling as Titan was spilled into the third row, but El Inmortal was just as comfortable getting wild.

Enduring Desperado’s offense and battling back, Titan took his foe out and landed a tope suicida before himself bowling Desperado into the fourth row ringside. With a rush of adrenaline, Titan soon found himself in the balcony where he dove onto Desperado to a roar of amazement from the Yoyogi crowd. Back inside, Titan would go for the base of Desperado, and a punishing knee bar, but here was Desperado’s speciality. A spine buster into Numero Dos saw the hold applied briefly, but enough to do real damage, and moments later, Titan did more damage to himself.

A tornado DDT and Desperado rolled to the floor. While Despe saw a rope suicidal coming and struck with Loco Mono, he soon found himself back out and rocked with a rope con giro. Then, near disaster for Titan. Going up top, Titan thought to hit a double stomp all the way to the floor, but when Desperado moved El Inmortal took all the impact.

Desperado quickly locked in Numero Dos, and while Titan made the ropes, the pain was evident on both men. Desperate measures creeping in, Titan landed a Canadian Destroyer out of a numero dos, and gritted his teeth to get his double stomp for only two. When his foe kicked out though, Titan knew his only path was Llave Inmortal, and he wouldn’t be denied. Desperado tried to claw free but to no avail, and with the hold fully in, had to submit to bring Titan to the final.

Titan and Master Wato will now wrestle in the Best of the Super Jr. final Sunday May 28 in Ota.