Best of the Super Jr. Final (May 28) full card, Preview

30th tournament winner determined



An intense 16 days of Best of the Super Junior action comes to a close on Sunday May 28. With a surprising final now set, Master Wato will take on Titan to crown a BOSJ winner, on top of a card loaded with key players looking to make big moves ahead of Dominion June 4.

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Main event: Master Wato vs Titan

Singles record: 1-0 Wato

After a surprise pair of semifinals saw the A and B Block runner ups advance past the league number ones El Desperado and Mike Bailey, Master Wato and Titan meet in the finals of Best of the Super Jr. 30. Though they only have one meeting one on one under their belts to date, a match that saw Wato defeat Titan early in BOSJ 29, Titan being a member of the CMLL roster means that the two have previous extending beyond. 

Several tag battles through 2018 and 2019 would see the two tangle as Wato was on excursion.On returning from his Mexican journey in 2020, Wato had a lot of growing still to do, and in the peak of a pandemic. Yet despite struggles, 2022 has seen him turn a corner and build momentum, thanks in no small part to the cheers of the crowd. Yet Titan ahs received plenty of cheers himself, as well as the support of his LIJ partners. Once a wild individual, he turned his own corner in CMLL in recent years, entering the prime of his career. That’s translated into him try arriving to Japanese audiences as well, and now the biggest match of his NJPW career. WHo leaves with their first BOSJ trophy?

7th Match: Just 5 Guys (SANADA, Taichi, DOUKI & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, BUSHI & Hiromu Takahashi)

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi will have to stand by with baited breath as he awaits the winner of the main event. Before then, after suffering a loss to Just Five Guys at the semifinals in Yoyogi, can LIJ get back at the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and his crew?

6th Match: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii & Ryusuke Taguchi vs Shota Umino, Ren Narita, El Desperado & Mike Bailey

Knocked out of the semifinal stage, Mike Bailey and El Desperado may have hoped to be opposite one another tonight, but instead find themselves on the same team. Alongside them are Shota Umino and Ren Narita, two men who have had some violent recent history with Kazuchika Okada. Okada was in no mood to deal with Shota Umino Friday in Yoyogi; along with his NEVER Openweight 6 Man partners and Ryusuke Taguchi, will he deliver a message to Umino, and Jon Moxley to boot?

5th Match: CHAOS (YOSHI-HASHI, Hirooki Goto & Toru Yano) vs HOUSE OF TORTURE (EVIL, Yujiro Takahashi & SHO)

With Bishamon and HOUSE OF TORTURE set to collide at Dominion over the IWGP Tag Team Championships, six man action is on the card here in Ota. Yet it might not just be these two teams involved. Friday in Yoyogi, Aaron Henare and Great-O-Khan interjected themselves into the tag situation, with O-Khan demanding that United Empire be involved; that after Aussie Open had to vacate the titles, a United Empire team should win, and then wrestle Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis in a United Empire derby for the belts. EVIL and Yujiro flatly refused the suggestion, but if O-Khan and Henare are anywhere near this six man, they may be left with no choice. 

4th Match: Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Yuji Nagata, KUSHIDA & Kevin Knight vs United Empire (Great-O-Khan, Aaron Henare, TJP, Francesco Akira & Dan Moloney)

After Francesco Akira and TJP got to trios victory alongside Dan Moloney and opposite Kevin Knight, KUSHIDA and Ryusuke Taguchi Friday, Catch 2/2 were quick to suggest a rematch against the Intergalactic Jet Setters over the titles they lost earlier in April in Hiroshima. Now, they seek to do some further convincing, as the IWGP Jr. Tag Champions are joined by returning veterans Nagata, Tenzan and Kojima. 

3rd Match: CHAOS (Lio Rush & YOH) vs TMDK (Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita)

Tag team action pits Robbie Eagles and Kosei Fujita against YOH and Lio Rush. Eagles defeated YOH to start his BOSJ campaign, and with the tour coming to a close, two on two action will also see Kosei Fujita look to build on a big victory Friday night against Gedo. 

2nd Match: Ryohei Oiwa vs Clark Connors

Clark Connors’ destructive campaign in Best of the Super Juniors may not have ended with a trophy to his name, but the high body count is something both he and Bloody Hands Gedo has taken pride in. It’s young blood in front of Connors tonight, as he faces Young Lion Ryohei Oiwa, but after Fujita struck a blow to BULLET CLUB Friday night, might Oiwa be in with a chance to shock the world?

1st Match: Boltin Oleg & Togi makabe vs Yuto Nakashima & Oskar Leube 


Kicking off action in Oita, Boltin Oleg teams with Togi Makabe opposite Yuto Nakashima and Oskar Leube. Both Boltin and Leube got the chance to tangle with the top flight mix of Okada, Tanahashi and Ishii Friday night and now look to put that experience to good use in this opening tag affair, with Togi Makabe being a harsh master in the ring to boot.